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Full Version: 2019-nCOv/ Corona Virus, et al: Latest Info
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(03-10-2020, 11:09 AM)Teresa Agrorum Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Shortages in medications, during an epidemic, will not improve survival outcomes at all.

Yes, this is coming, and we have no options for a quick replacement. I saw the Fish Eaters tweet this morning and thought: that's odd. I'm over sixty (almost 62) and a diabetic with a compromised immune system, but I'm not on the meds. (They don't work, but that's another post.) Instead I take a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and I've haven't felt this good for years. After some work I managed to convince another family member, also diabetic, and he's mostly off the stuff too. But this takes a real shift in thinking.

Of course, some of these nutrients--vitamins, minerals, amino acids; most notably vitamin C--are produced by China. We must be willing to trust God in this. Things are going to get tough.

Here's another thought: when catastrophic events come, life once again appears precious--when it's all over, this virus could spell the end of abortion and euthanasia.
Another testimony to the foolishness of too many doctors these days!

Ya, I'm with you and although I'm a tad older, I too got off insulin and a bag of other drugs and feel better than I did ten years ago on what was supposed to 'treat' my condition. The only thing it treated was the pocket books of too many doctors I was seeing and too many drug I was instructed to take. :)
Dahveed, there has to be good news in this situation somewhere. We should ask ourselves, what would I give to end the scourges of abortion and euthanasia, human trafficking, communism and progressivism, etc.?

There's another thing that gives me hope: evil always tries too hard and goes too far--it literally can't do anything right.

May God bless us and our families!
Hey, I just saw more good news on the Gloria.TV site:

'Elbow' writes: "I like Italians but their state was made by freemasonry with a giant robbery of St. Peter's estate. They even wanted (together with Bergoglio) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of that robbery. The spread of coronavirus prevented the scandal."

(03-11-2020, 12:02 AM)Teresa Agrorum Wrote: [ -> ]Hey, I just saw more good news on the Gloria.TV site:

'Elbow' writes: "I like Italians but their state was made by freemasonry with a giant robbery of St. Peter's estate. They even wanted (together with Bergoglio) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of that robbery. The spread of coronavirus prevented the scandal."

BTW: I tried to answer yout PM, but you have that disabled!
Quote:BTW: I tried to answer your PM, but you have that disabled!

Better call me ignorant--didn't know it was, but got it fixed now.
Looking for more good news, I clicked on another item from the Twitter feed, a Taki magazine article by Steve Sailer. From the second half:

Quote:The recent data imply that in Wuhan they are now on a path to not just controlling the epidemic but conquering it, perhaps by spring. The Chinese authors of the preprint (i.e., not yet peer-reviewed) article “Evolving Epidemiology and Impact of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions on the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Wuhan, China” statistically speculate that new cases of WuFlu could be gone from Wuhan by early May:

"If the trend remained unchanged, we predicted the number of ascertained [diagnosed] cases to become zero by April 22…and the total number of both ascertained and unascertained cases would become zero around May 4…."

This is, of course, just an estimate. All sorts of bad news could intrude on this rosy forecast, such as that attempts to restart the economy in Wuhan could raise R0, potentially above 1 again. Or the outside world could reintroduce the Wuhan Virus back to Wuhan.

But Wuhan’s path offers us the lesson that the new goal should be not to try to merely limit the epidemic, to simply flatten the curve so it doesn’t overwhelm the medical system. Instead, our national goal should be to wipe out the virus, to crush it completely.

Physicist and evolutionary theorist Gregory Cochran changed his mind on this subject in a conversation with me on Monday. Cochran had long been advocating flattening the curve as the proper target, but he realized:

"But this is the wrong idea. You have to get R0 down close to 1.0 (from around 3.0) in order to really slow the growth—ordinary influenza has an R0 of around 1.3 and it grows way too rapidly.

Don’t aim at getting close to 1.0: aim at getting below. Basically, the region of parameter space that would correspond to 'flattening the curve' is tiny, and 90% of the way to a clear win."

In other words, the effort it takes to flatten the curve is almost as great as it takes to win outright.

No longer should the goal be a well-played defeat. As Cochran sums up by quoting Douglas MacArthur:

There is no substitute for victory.

This would require massive sacrifice, although perhaps not quite on the scale of the Chinese lockdown because we have more square feet in our homes, more private cars, and less reliance on public transportation. But, at least there’s now a worthy goal for what all the pain would be for: victory.

The new goal is not to lose more slowly to the virus, but to conquer it.

Which of the 2020 candidates will embrace winning?

A "massive sacrifice."

Excuse me, but aren't these Americans talking about martial law, without actually using the term? How can Chinese scientists speak of 'zero cases' when it requires their country be at an absolute standstill? Why does this "hopeful" article read like propaganda?
(03-11-2020, 12:29 PM)Teresa Agrorum Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:BTW: I tried to answer your PM, but you have that disabled!

Better call me ignorant--didn't know it was, but got it fixed now.
Ignorant is okay, its fixable! And you fixed it. PM sent. :D
Latest data collection from Holly at: Stan

Hollys Post Wrote:[Image: label.Health.wte.jpg]
Coronavirus Count: – HOLLY NOTE: As of 4 a.m. today, COVID-19 is now in 62% of all countries and in 38 U.S. states. 1,039 confirmed cases in the U.S. with 30 deaths: WA - 24, FL - 2, CA - 3, NJ - 1 and possibly 1 death in SD.
[Image:]Countries Affected: 120
[Image:]Cases: 121,175
[Image:]Serious or Critical: 5,748
[Image:]Deaths: 4,377
[Image:]Recovered: 66,904

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Double In Less Than 48 Hours, and “Everyone Else Will Be Italy in 9-14 Days Time”[Image: icon.sick.wte.jpg]

Coronavirus Conference Canceled in NY – Because of Coronavirus

Eerie Photos Show Empty NY Subway Station

National Guard Deployed to NY Community With Nation’s ‘Largest Cluster’ of COVID-19[Image: icon.coronavirus.jpg]

12 US States Declare State of Emergency Over COVID-19[Image: icon.US.flag.wte2.jpg]

First US COVID-19 Containment Zone in NY, National Guard on Site[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

Washington's Gov. Inslee to Ban Gatherings, Events of More Than 250

'Unprecedented Times': Walmart Initiates Emergency Leave Policy After Worker Contracts Coronavirus

Symptoms Usually Take 5 Days To Appear, Study[Image: icon.nauseous.wte.jpg]

…Lingers in the Air For at Least Half an Hour, Days on Surfaces, and Travel 15 Feet…[Image: icon.sneeze.jpg]

Johns Hopkins Doctor Warns Coronavirus ‘Could Happen Here’ Like Wuhan

…By the Numbers – 83% of Affected Countries Have Mortality Rates of Infected Persons Less than 1%

Calif. Coronavirus Doctor Reveals His Patients in Intensive Care Are as Young as 40 and Do NOT Have Underlying Health Conditions – Contradicting Official Advice[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

Tucker: We Must Remain Calm But Not Complacent About The Chinese Coronavirus Epidemic – Our Leaders Need to Prepare Americans For What's Coming and Mitigate the Damage That China Caused.[Image:]

UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries Tests Positive[Image: icon.England.flag.wte.jpg]

Hundreds Flying Into Britain From Italy Say There Are Still NO Checks or Advice at UK Airports... 20,000 Britons Face Being Stranded In Locked-Down Nation[Image: icon.England.flag.wte.jpg]

Crazed Toilet Paper Shoppers Stampede in Australia[Image: icon.Australia.flag.wte.jpg]

Europe Engulfed: Angela Merkel Warns Up to 58 MILLION Germans – 60-70% of the Population – Will Be Infected, Spain Sees Infections TRIPLE in 2 Days, Italy Records 168 Fatalities in 1 Day[Image: icon.Germany.flag.jpg] [Image: icon.Italy.flag.jpg]

Coronavirus: What Real Science Would Look Like, If It Existed

Dr. Oz's Coronavirus Survival Guide

South Korea Sees New Cluster[Image: icon.SKorea.flag.jpg]

Nearly 200 North Korean Soldiers Dead[Image: icon.NKorea.flag.jpg]

Gates Foundation Commits $100 Million to Speeding Up Coronavirus Treatments and Response
Latest from Stan

NEWS for MARCH 12: National Girl Scout Day

[Image: label.Health.wte.jpg]
Coronavirus Pandemic: – HOLLY NOTE: As of 4 a.m. today, COVID-19 is in 64% of all countries and in 44 U.S. states. 1,323 confirmed cases in the U.S. with 38 deaths: WA - 30, FL - 2, CA - 4, NJ - 1, SD - 1.
[Image:]Countries Affected: 125
[Image:]Cases: 129,178
[Image:]Serious or Critical: 5,711
[Image:]Deaths: 4,749
[Image:]Recovered: 68,657

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map

Pence: Coronavirus More Lethal Than Flu, Predicts 'Thousands of More Cases'[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

Coronavirus Fears Hit Fever Pitch Amid New Travel Ban; Pandemic Sends Wall Street, NBA, Hollywood Reeling

The Entire Western World Is Starting To Shut Down As Authorities Brace For “Millions” of Coronavirus Cases[Image: icon.sick.wte.jpg]

US Coronavirus Infections Just Surpassed 1,000 as Global Death Rate Reaches 6% Which Is 60x Higher Than Seasonal Flu[Image: icon.superbug2.jpg]

Coronavirus Can Remain In Air For 3 Hours, Live On Plastic For Days, New Study[Image: icon.virus.jpg]


President Trump Announces Travel Ban From Europe For 30 Days Amid Growing Fears of Coronavirus – UK, Ireland Are Exempt[Image: icon.EU.jpg] – HOLLY NOTE: V.P. Mike Pence just explained the reason for this travel ban. He said they had learned from health experts that for 30 of the 35 states that have people suffering COVID-19, they could trace those infections from contact in Europe. 70% of the world's new cases are manifesting in Europe. The travel ban does not apply to U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents or their families in Europe – just foreign nationals.

Obama Admin Ebola Czar: Coronavirus Travel Ban “Distraction Tactic”[Image: icon.shame.wte.jpg]

'Taken Unilaterally and Without Consultation': European Commission Denounces Trump's Travel Ban – HOLLY NOTE: As President Trump often states, he isn't president of the world, he isn't president of the EU. He is President of the United States and always puts American interests first.

Pentagon Orders 60-Day Travel Restrictions For Military And Civilian Workers

Princess, Viking Suspend Cruises Till May 1[Image:]

This Coronavirus Chart Shows Why Social Distancing Is Necessary

Positive Signs For Future Of Coronavirus in U.S.

Senate Staffer Tests Positive[Image: icon.sick.wte.jpg]

Passenger on JetBlue Flight From New York To Florida Tests Positive[Image: icon.plane.3.jpg]

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Confirms ‘Community Spread[Image: icon.CO.flag2.jpg]

Italy to Close All Stores Except For Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, And Those Selling 'Essentials'[Image: icon.Italy.flag.jpg]

Italians With COVID-19 Who Refuse To Isolate Could Face 21 Years In Prison For 'Malicious Murder'[Image: icon.Italy.flag.jpg]

Italian Couple Who Had Been Together 60 Years Die From Coronavirus Just 2 Hours Apart: Heartbroken Son Says 'They Died Alone, I Could Not Even Hug Them'

Hezbollah Chief, Senior Members Reportedly Under Quarantine
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