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Full Version: 2019-nCOv/ Corona Virus, et al: Latest Info
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It's definitely getting interesting and not in a good way.

Looks like this cruise ship might've really done everybody a dis-service.
Thanks much, Zedta. Time to prepare: death, judgement. heaven or hell, right? None of us know when our death will come. That's the ultimate thing to prep for. Passing this along at the prepper forum.
(02-18-2020, 09:41 AM)JacafamalaRedux Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks much, Zedta.  Time to prepare: death, judgement. heaven or hell, right? None of us know when our death will come. That's the ultimate thing to prep for. Passing this along at the prepper forum.
Fact is, this could get corralled in by government agency's efforts and only a few areas could be under quarantine.

However, if you are in one of those zones, getting supplies may be difficult.

We here in Florida, for instance, are well aware of what happens when a natural disaster has very similar effects on the supply-train systems as a quarantine would. That's why we, at least the ones who've lived here a few years, are all preppers.

That said, here's a good article about the threat and urgency of the current situation. People in high population areas are at greatest risk of being cut off from supplies due to the shut down of the supplies by truck. Supermarkets do not have stock "in the back" of any significant amount. All supplies these days, are on demand. Computers compile what is sold by the bar code on an item and a list of what is sold is sent to a distribution point and trucks loaded for delivery the next morning. There is little if any slack in the order, so no back-stocking takes place.

Keep that in mind, no matter where you live.


Article Wrote:Link to Original Article and Other Data Links

AMERICA: This is Why YOU need to prepare, RIGHT NOW, over Coronavirus: Quarantine=No Trucking
News Desk

Most Americans remain grossly uninformed about the coming MEDICAL QUARANTINES over the continuing - and worsening - Coronavirus outbreak.  Those who are keeping up to date, think they still have time to prepare "if things get bad."  They're wrong.  Your time is almost up.  You have only DAYS left.

Here's why . . .
When the government finally cannot hide the spread here in the United States, they will be forced to utterly lock down the country.  There simply won't be any other choice because this virus -- which is actually a military Bio-Weapon that escaped China's only Level 4 Bio-Lab  (Story Here) -- is so contagious.  It spreads by AIR, Coughing, Sneezing, Urination, Bowel movements.
The virus can live on surfaces for up to 28 days, which means door handles, public toilets, cashier counters in stores and supermarkets, computer keyboards and most everything else.  It flows through public sewer lines from toilet flushes, then can evaporate up out of manhole covers.

The virus has an eighty-three percent (83%) Infection rate.  That means if 100 people get EXPOSED to it, 83 of them will get sick.

About half of those who get sick, develop serious pneumonia, requiring hospitalization.   Of those, about half require Intensive care, intubation and a respirator to breathe.

Of the people who get hospitalized, fifteen percent DIE.  And that's __if__ they get top-notch hospital care.

For those who do not get hospital care, about sixty-five percent die.

Now, some quick math:
In the United States, there are about 2.4 hospital beds for every 1,000 population.   Yes, you read that correctly: 2.4 hospital beds for every 1,000 people.

Here's the math:
If 1,000 people get exposed, 830 will get sick (83%).   About half will need hospitalization.  So about 400 people will need a hospital bed.   But there are only 2.4 hospital beds for them . . . .

So the rest will NOT be able to get care.  Certainly not "top-notch" care.   15% of those 2.4 people will die.   65% of the 398 remaining sick people,  will die.   That converts to 258 people DEAD out of every 1,000 INFECTED.

Those are the real world statistics for this virus.   The numbers claiming otherwise from inside China are completely false.  They are intentionally lying about the number of deaths to make it APPEAR the Communist regime is still in control.  It is not.

That's why, as of today, 17 February, 2020, a total of seven-hundred-sixty MILLION people in 70 cities in China, are under Quarantine. 

Health officials here in the USA are already concealing the number of confirmed infections.  From officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, who are concealing "over 1,000 cases" as of two weeks ago (Story Here), to the local county Health Commissioner in Erie County, New York (Near Buffalo, Rochester and Watertown) who issued a GAG ORDER preventing police, fire and EMS from talking to anyone about Coronavirus cases, (Story Here), the people in the USA are NOT being told the truth.  Officials fear mass-panic will occur if people find out, so they are INTENTIONALLY keeping the whole thing "hush-hush."

Now, here's the uglier part . . .

Quarantines mean no one in, and no one out. 

That means no trucks for deliveries.

According to an analysis of the United States transportation network, performed by the American Trucking Association, here's what "No trucks" turns into:

 (Click image to enlarge)
[go to article link to view]

Here's a link to the full study by the American Trucking Association (HERE
You must prepare right now while you still can.  Here are suggestions:
The best strategy for this is NOT to be exposed.   Fat chance of that; we ALL go out: Work, school, shopping, recreation, and so forth.
So how might we protect ourselves while we're out?

Well, the fact this virus can be spread by air, in addition to staying alive on surfaces like counter tops, desks, water fountains, door handles, inside cars and buses, product packages on store shelves that someone else handled, or sneezed-on or coughed-on,  - including ones that get delivered by mail, FedEx, UPS, etc. --  complicates things greatly.
Step One: Stay home.   Do not go out unless you absolutely MUST.

Step Two: Presuming you have to go out (we ALL do) wear a filter mask  eye and hand protective gear (below).

The N-95 filter masks are almost completely sold out already, nationwide.  So you can get a better mask rated as N-100 or P-100 for the time being until THEY sell out.  Links to various suppliers are HERE-N-95 and HERE N-100.   (I am NOT the seller)

You can also get the VASTLY AVAILABLE   3M 7500 (HERE)  which uses 3M 2091 filters  (HERE)   This mask system is more expensive, but it works and is widely still available.  (Again, I am NOT the seller)

Get Eye Protection, either cheap swimmer goggles (HERE) or better safety goggles (HERE)

Get a box of rubber/nitrile Gloves (Here)

Wear this gear when you go out.

Yes, you'll look and feel ridiculous.   But you are much more likely to have the last laugh because YOU are protecting yourself.

The absolute moment you get home, take off your shoes and leave them in the foyer.  DO NOT WALK AROUND YOUR HOUSE IN SHOES YOU WORE OUTSIDE. 
You may have walked on a large amount of infected material as you were out and if you wear those shoes in the house, the virus will spread in the house.

Next: Go into the bathroom, take off your clothing, put it in a hamper or plastic bag, and take a shower.  You HAVE TO WASH OFF any virus that may have landed on your body or hair, while you were out.

Put on clean garments.  You cannot go sit in your chair or lay on your couch or bed in clothing you wore outside.  The virus will come off the clothing, onto the furniture and pow, someone in the house catches it.

Make every person in your household do this the absolute moment they come home.  This virus is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and it KILLS people.  We cannot skimp or get lazy protecting ourselves.

Eat right, take vitamins (I use Centrum), and, I don't want to sound hokey, or like some Bible thumper,  pray to Almighty God that you be protected by Him during this crisis.  I'm not kidding. 

I mean it: PRAY.

Even if you haven't prayed in decades, start now.  "Hi God, it's me (so and so).  I know I haven't prayed to you in a long time, but I'm coming back to you now.  . . . ."

And then talk honestly and earnestly to him, in a very quiet voice.

Just remember, this is God, not a magician to be summoned to do tricks or render services at our beckon call.  He made us.  We are HIS to do with a HE sees fit.

OTHER "PREPS" with Links

Have Emergency food (HEREHERE, and HERE) in the house in case Quarantine gets implemented, so you and your family can eat for the 6 weeks or so such Quarantines are likely to last.
Have Emergency Water (HERE) stored up in case the water supply gets contaminated.

Here is a complete list of "Preps" that folks might consider for themselves.

Just ran across this one:

Article Wrote:Link to Original Article Page

Coronavirus is 20x Deadlier than the Flu, Shocking New Data Reveals
Published: February 18, 2020 11:47 AM UTC

  • The coronavirus (COVID-19) is much deadlier than the seasonal flu with a fatality rate of 2.3 percent.
  • Comparisons between the virus and the flu are irrational.
  • COVID-19 has caused a decline in the economic sentiment of major countries like Germany.

When coronavirus was first publicized, many were quick to drive the narrative that the seasonal flu is more dangerous than the contagious virus. New analysis shows COVID-19 is at least 20 times more fatal than the flu.

Irresponsible to claim flu is worse than the Wuhan coronavirus

The narrative that the seasonal flu is worse than coronavirus widely spread in early February, possibly in an attempt to downplay how fast the virus can spread.

Several publications heavily criticized analysts and newspapers that compared the flu to coronavirus for valid reasons, describing it as a poor case of whataboutism.

Out of 44,672 patients confirmed with coronavirus in China, 1,023 individuals had died within a short period after being diagnosed.

That leaves coronavirus with a fatality rate of 2.3 percent. Compared to the season flu’s 0.1 percent, coronavirus is significantly deadlier.

On top of that, coronavirus is more contagious than the flu. A case in Hong Kong showed that the virus spread within an apartment through a pipe, infecting two more individuals.
Coronavirus is more fatal than the flu, spreads faster than the flu, and is more dangerous than the flu.

[Image: Screenshot_24.png]The current coronavirus count is near 75,000 confirmed cases. | Source: Johns Hopkins data

COVID-19’s impact is unprecedented

Apart from the fatalities the coronavirus outbreak has caused, it has also started to impair major economies around the world.

Julianna Tatelbaum, a reporter at CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe, revealed that the economic sentiment of Germany sharply missed expectations due to the virus outbreak.

She said:
Quote:ZEW survey of German economic sentiment sharply MISSES expectations for February as coronavirus concerns take toll on confidence. Current conditions at -15.7 (poll -10.3). Sentiment at 8.7 (poll 21.5). Is bad data actually good though for fiscal spending prospects?

The coronavirus outbreak has led even the biggest companies in the global market such as Apple and Tesla to see a sharp decline in their stock prices.

[Click on above link to article page for graphs referred to in this article]

The stock price of Apple, for instance, plummeted by 4.2 percent in aftermarket trading hours, which is a substantially large single-session drop for a trillion-dollar company.
Apple’s stock takes a fall after a revamped guidance due to the coronavirus outbreak in China. | Source:

Such effects have led business and economic sentiment, productivity, and sales of many companies to decline steeply in a relatively short time frame.

The negative impact coronavirus has had on the global economy does not compare to what the seasonal flu has done in previous cycles.

As previously reported by, COVID-19 virtually froze the economy of China to the point in which President Xi Jinping had to reaffirm the nation’s focus on economic and social development objectives.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

Now Watch: CCN TV
Stay in a state of grace, folks.  :(
This has an interesting interview with a person who tested positive for the disease on a cruise ship. She is in a pre-symptom stage of the disease, or perhaps even a mild form. Some reports indicate that females have less serious symptoms than males.

The article also goes into some serious side effects of the virus that some who have survived the infection have succumbed to:

Article Wrote:Link to Original Article Page

Hubei Doctors Warn Of Even-Deadlier Coronavirus Reinfection Causing Sudden Heart Attacks
GoldCore's blog
4-5 minutes

Doctors working on the front lines of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak have told the Taiwan Times that it's possible to become reinfected by the virus, leading to death from sudden heart failure in some cases.

[Image: corona%20virus.jpg]
"It’s highly possible to get infected a second time. A few people recovered from the first time by their own immune system, but the meds they use are damaging their heart tissue, and when they get it the second time, the antibody doesn’t help but makes it worse, and they die a sudden death from heart failure," reads a message forwarded to Taiwan News from a relative of one of the doctors living in the United Kingdom.

Quote:The source also said the virus has “outsmarted all of us,” as it can hide symptoms for up to 24 days. This assertion has been made independently elsewhere, with Chinese pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan (鍾南山) saying the average incubation period is three days, but it can take as little as one day and up to 24 days to develop symptoms.

Also, the source said that false negative tests for the virus are fairly common. “It can fool the test kit – there were cases that they found, the CT scan shows both lungs are fully infected but the test came back negative four times. The fifth test came back positive.” -Taiwan Times

Notably, one of the ways coronaviruses cripple the immune system is via an HIV-like attachment to white blood cells, which triggers a 'cytokine storm' - a term popularized during the avian H5N1 influenza outbreak - in which an uncontrolled release of inflammatory 'cytokines' target various organs, often leading to failure and in many cases death.

Quote:The cytokine storm is best exemplified by severe lung infections, in which local inflammation spills over into the systemic circulation, producing systemic sepsis, as defined by persistent hypotension, hyper- or hypothermia, leukocytosis or leukopenia, and often thrombocytopenia.
In addition to lung infections, the cytokine storm is a consequence of severe infections in the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, central nervous system, skin, joint spaces, and other sites. (Tisoncik, et. al, Into the Eye of the Cytokine Storm)(2012)

According to the 2012 study, "Cytokine storms are associated with a wide variety of infectious and noninfectious diseases and have even been the unfortunate consequence of attempts at therapeutic intervention."

How do coronaviruses enter the body?

With SARS (sudden acute respiratory syndrome), another coronavirus, researchers discovered that one of the ways the disease attaches itself is through an enzyme known as ACE2, a 'functional receptor' produced in several organs (oral and nasal mucosa, nasopharynx, lung, stomach, small intestine, colon, skin, lymph nodes, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, liver, kidney, and brain).

ACE2 is also "abundantly present in humans in the epithelia of the lung and small intestine, which might provide possible routes of entry for the SARS-CoV," while it was also observed "in arterial and venous endothelial cells and arterial smooth muscle cells" - which would include the heart.

This has led some to speculate that Asians, who have higher concentrations of ACE2 (per the 1000 genome project) may be affected to a greater degree than those of European ancestry, who produce the least of it - and have largely been the asymptomatic 'super spreaders' such as Diamond Princess coronavirus victim Rebecca Frasure.

And so while more research on COVID-19 is urgently needed - we know that coronavirus can target ACE2 receptors, which are found in the cardiovascuar system. And we have seen evidence of both and neurological damage from footage pouring out of Wuhan, China.

If the virus can reinfect patients and cause cytokine storms and sudden death - possibly exacerbated by therapeutic intervention - treating the coronavirus which CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield says will become widespread throughout the United States 'this year or next,' it is vitally important to understand exactly how COVID-19 works, and how to treat it. That would require cooperation from China and a CDC team on the ground in the epicenter. For some unknown reason, however, China still refuses to grant US scientists access to ground zero.
This video features an interview with Clif High, of Half Past Human fame. He, of the "Predictive Linguistics"theory that he came up with years ago and that has shown to be rather remarkably accurate in its predictive results. The predictive parts of his background, not withstanding, he has some very good analysis of the conditions in China and the ramifications on the world's economy. He goes into many details that are very noteworthy and not just speculation, but logical projection of outcomes due to current effects.

I don't know how long it will be up before You Tube takes it down.

Very interesting this:

Interesting update this:

Article Wrote:CDC official warns U.S. hospitals: Be ready for “surge” of coronavirus patients in America
Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, February 21, 2020 - 04:33.
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[Image: China-US-Flags-Coronavirus-Spread.jpg?itok=ja4hgAov]

Mike Adams
It yet another bombshell message from the CDC, a top CDC official named Dr. Anne Schuchat is openly warning U.S. hospitals to get prepared for a wave of coronavirus infections.
“A larger spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus across the U.S. could overwhelm emergency rooms and cause supply shortages of some crucial medical supplies,” warns CNBC (stating the obvious).

CNBC also cites Dr. Schuchat:
“This is the time to open up your pandemic plans and see that things are in order,” Dr. Anne Schuchat, a top official of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…
“For instance,” she continued, health-care providers need to plan for a “surge at a hospital, the ability to provide personal protective equipment for your workforce, the administrative controls and so forth that you might put place in a health care setting.”

CNBC adds, “Schuchat’s warning came as U.S. and world health officials increasingly sound the alarm of a possible pandemic outbreak of the deadly new coronavirus that has killed more than 2,100 people in China in the last seven weeks.”

According to that same story, NYU Langone Health in NYC “has designated the new virus as a ‘level 1’ priority.”

From the story:
NYU is also preparing for a level 2 or 3 scenario, she added, where there is transmission in the city and it begins to impact hospital operations. The health-care system has implemented a conservation plan and medical supplies, especially respirator masks, are only given to staff as needed, she said.

Sponsored: NEW Biostructured Silver First Aid Gel created by the Health Ranger combines three types of silver (ionic silver, colloidal silver, biostructured silver) with seven potent botanicals (rosemary, oregano, cinnamon and more) to create a breakthrough first aid silver gel. Over 50 ppm silver, verified via ICP-MS lab analysis. Made from 100% Texas rain water and 70% solar power. Zero chemical preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers. See full details here.
All this is on top of CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield recently telling CNN that, “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.”

You can watch Dr. Redfield state that in the following video interview with CNN:

In that video, he also explains:
“Our whole issue right now is as I said, aggressive containment to try to give us more time, it’s gonna take one to two years to get that [vaccine] developed and out, to prepare the health systems, to be able to be flexible enough to deal with the potential second major cause of respiratory illness…”

He also adds, “Right now there’s no evidence to me at all that this outbreak is under control, it’s definitely not controlled…”

So then, why is the entire lying mainstream media deceiving the American public and telling people this pandemic is completely under control and will never arrive in America and there’s nothing to be concerned about?

The answer, of course, is that they’re lying. The media now seems to be far more concerned with caring for people’s feelings rather than their safety. So making sure nobody is afraid has now become far more important to the media than making sure people are prepared.

It’s a recipe for an outbreak of real panic once the masses figure out they’ve been lied to all along.

Listen to this podcast, and you can now download all the MP3 files for these podcasts at the new website
This video was an eye-opening shocker to me. It is an excellent primer on Genetic Engineering and how far it had 'progressed' by 2011. Now, nearly 10 years later, holy cow, how far could they have advanced?

Here's an interesting article I saw and the video I posted above is referenced in it:

Link to Article here
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