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Full Version: 2019-nCOv/ Corona Virus, et al: Latest Info
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A sobering article. Do watch Synthetic Biology Explained.
This 'latest' article I found is quite noteworthy and definitely, 'food for thought'. It is citing a Toxicologist on the virus's possible risks to the population's health and equally as distressing, to the world's economic health.

Before I read this, I heard a rumor, perhaps a bit more than a rumor (which is why I didn't post it here), that there could be, as soon as next week, some sort of 'False Flag' event taking place, perhaps a 'Bank Holiday', as in the extended duration type, or some other disruptive event to shock the society at its core. Perhaps, just perhaps, it could happen and this article sorta makes the case for why it could happen:


Article Wrote:Link to Full Article Page here

Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic – Chris Martenson
By Greg Hunter

Home  »  Political Analysis   »   Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic – Chris Martenson
On February 23, 2020 In Political Analysis 
[Image: Chris-Martenson-2.24.2020-269x300.png]

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Chris Martenson is futurist, economic researcher and holds a PhD in toxicology from Duke University. So, Martenson has a unique perspective about the coronavirus and what its effects will be to the global economy. Don’t believe the mainstream media. Things are not getting better, and Martenson contends, “It’s getting worse. It is a tale of two stories inside China and outside China. Inside China, we have been suspicious of their reporting, and they have been underreporting the cases at least by a factor of 10 and maybe more. This is both for infections and deaths. . . . The Chinese government would not lock down 90% of their economy just to save a couple of lives. They don’t roll that way. So, there is something there that is very worrisome to them. . . . Outside of China, we trust the numbers a lot more. . . . So, when we are looking outside of China, we are seeing the cases of the coronavirus are now increasing exponentially. It’s got a very short doubling time and a very high rate of infectivity. It’s not the flu. It’s not SARS. The mainstream media is trying to tell people there is nothing to worry about, and we don’t take that view at all. . . . Covid19, as they call it now, is a real beast.”

What should you do? Martenson explains, “This is a very dangerous pandemic kind of a virus. We have never seen anything like it before since the Spanish flu. This thing is almost certainly going to romp around the world. . . . For people who are listening, you have to be prepared for the idea . . . if they say we are going into an imposed quarantine in a city. How do I prepare for that? You need to ask yourself what would I need if I was stuck inside my home for 30 or 60 days? That is probably a reasonable amount of time to plan for.”

How bad economically will the Covid19 virus crisis get? Martenson points out, “One in eight companies are so-called zombie companies.” Meaning, they have to keep borrowing cheap money to stay in business. Martenson says governments are hooked on huge deficits and cheap money too, and now the China virus chaos hits an already over-leveraged economy, and more massive money printing is needed to keep debt from defaulting. Martenson says, “This is taking the world’s most important manufacturing center and shutting it down all at once. That’s like throwing a car into reverse at 60 miles per hour on the highway. . . . Supply chain disruptions are going to be legendary. . . . This isn’t like one company having trouble like AIG where Hank Paulson has to ride to the rescue with $700 billion of fresh U.S. taxpayer money. We are talking about a system of tens of thousands of interlocking components that are frozen, and nobody quite knows how to unravel all of that. I think that is well beyond the capability of the Federal Reserve to throw more QE money into the market and goose stocks a little longer. This is the real deal. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. It is happening. People need to be able to make sense of this, and in the absence of being able to make sense of all of this, having some gold makes a lot of sense. I think that’s why we are seeing it pop here.”


This is the first 'outbreak' of truth to hit the main stream news so far and it is just a snippet of the full impact we are all facing. Some of the facts, like this one he states, are sobering: There are only THREE labs in the entire US that can test for the virus, ya only 3. There have only been less than 500 tested so far and with this situation, we really can't truly, possibly know just how widespread this virus has actually spread.

That's just one for starters.

Consider that with a very long incubation period of nearly a month, while those infected can pass on the virus within days or even hours after first contact, that it can be spread to many, since it is carried in the air and one can catch the virus, just getting it in their eyes and not even have to inhale this virus and be infected.

How many are really infected right now and since we couldn't effectively test for those infected right now or anytime soon, we can't really know. This is a staggering fact that is hard to get around.

This virus has secondary effects on many who have survived the first infection, only to suffer sudden and fatal Cardiopulmonary collapse. This virus also hits the elderly and males, it seems, as the most effected so far.

Weird indeed.

Watch the video and come to the realization that in just over a month, a disease outbreak that was being subdued, as best the Chinese government apparently could, is now international and 'sweeping' through Europe  and even seen in Iran.

One thing he has left out is the impending monetary/economic impact all this will have as imbargos and limitations on commerce become even more wide spread. China, it was reported, is producing 92% fewer cars and parts. That is very impressive, most car parts for production and repairs, for cars sold in the US, including 'domestic' brands, have many Chinese made parts. It should become felt here very soon.

Hold on to your seats, its gonna be a wild ride and we're just getting up the launch slope right now.

I updated an earlier post to include what looked like got scrubbed; this video that could be a smoking gun, as it were. Notice how 'foggy' an effect there is in this stadium for the light show. Could this be the vehicle that spread the virus? All that is needed is an aerosol mist/fog as a vehicle. In any event, this video clip of the closing ceremonies is viscerally chilling to me.

Just speculating...

"Could this be the vehicle that spread the virus?"

What an incredibly wicked, wicked thing it would be.
(02-25-2020, 09:20 PM)Zedta Wrote: [ -> ]

At about the 5:00 mark, interesting to see the formation take on the look of a Masonic apron.
(02-26-2020, 12:16 PM)Bonaventure Wrote: [ -> ]At about the 5:00 mark, interesting to see the formation take on the look of a Masonic apron.
Ya, this whole thing was rather disturbing and this video only shows a minute part of the whole thing. There are other videos lasting over 2 hrs each for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Well it seems that very slowly, through mostly Tucker Carlson's voice, the truth of this virus is leaking out:

And This:
And there's this, from a great news website, StanDeyo.Com:

Coronavirus Count: – HOLLY NOTE: Literally overnight, COVID-19 turned up in 6 more nations.
[Image:]Countries Affected: 37
[Image:]Cases: 81,260
[Image:]Serious or Critical: 8,851
[Image:]Deaths: 2,770
[Image:]Recovered: 30,323
PREPARING FOR WORST? San Francisco Declares State Of Emergency After CDC Coronavirus Warning[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

CDC Warns Americans To Prepare For Coronavirus Outbreak In Their Communities[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

NIH Clinical Trial Of Remdesivir To Treat COVID-19 Begins[Image: icon.vaccine.jpg]

COVID-19: Time to 'Take the Risk of Scaring People'

As CDC Warns of US COVID-19 Spread, Labs Frustrated Over Lack Of Tests

Tucker: Global Leaders Said Coronavirus Was Under Control[Image: icon.liar.wte.jpg] – HOLLY NOTE: Something strange happened a few days ago. Stan and I had discussed what would we do for Bella's (dog) medication if coronavirus got a grip here and we couldn't get her Aziothioprine. She has blood work done an hour away every other month to make sure there's no liver damage and they dole out this medication sparingly. No blood work, no meds.

When I called the vet nurse to renew the script, she said she was giving Bella 3 months' worth. I thanked her and mentioned we'd been concerned if we couldn't get it due to coronavirus. While she'd been positively chatty during our conversation, she said absolutely nothing and there was an awkward silence.

Then Stan's doctor called to confirm his regular yearly check up. I mentioned something about coronavirus and was met again with complete quiet. Maybe we're jumping to an odd conclusion, but it's like when you bring it up to people in the medical field, a cone of silence descends.
[Image: icon.biohazard.symbol3.jpg][Image:]

Steven Mosher: China May Be Misleading World About Coronavirus Origins[Image:]

Coronavirus Outbreak In China Could Lead To 'Critical' Shortages Of Medical Products in the US

Stark Warning to Australians to Stock Up on Food and Supplies Before COVID-19 Becomes Pandemic

France Sees Second Death From Virus; Greece Confirms First Case

US Accuses China, Iran of Suppressing ‘Vital Details’ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak[Image: icon.sick.wte.jpg]

First US Soldier Infected With Coronavirus in South Korea[Image: icon.sick2.jpg]

Brazil Investigates Possible First Coronavirus Case in South America

Locations with Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Global Map[Image: icon.globe.jpg] – HOLLY NOTE: Stan received an email from his surgeon brother that one of main components for those susceptible to COVID-19 is people with Vit-D deficiencies. That would be expected for countries in winter (northern hemisphere) when the Sun is low and people have been inside for months.

Moderna Delivers First Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine for Human Testing[Image: icon.vaccine.jpg]

Diabetes, CVD Tied to Worse Prognosis for COVID-19 Infection

Iran Raises Death Toll to 19

Mission Impossible? WHO Director Wants to Fight COVID-19 Without Offending China By Calling It a Pandemic[Image: icon.clown.wte.jpg]
Coronavirus COVID-19 UPDATE from CDC Teleconference Call February 25 2020 - PREPARE NOW says CDC [dutchsinse]

These people dont inspire much confidence IMHO
They seem to be just observers and really dont know what to do. Thanks alot Obama.
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