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Full Version: 2019-nCOv/ Corona Virus, et al: Latest Info
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Thanks, Zedta, for keeping the sources current--by searching the names attached to the scientific journal articles mentioned in these reports, one may find a great deal more. 

A friend (a senior pathologist in the upper Midwest) could only describe this virus as 'biblical'.
(03-02-2020, 12:14 AM)SeeTheLight Wrote: [ -> ]I'm starting to feel like we are all in a horrible science fiction film.
Ya, and the government agencies are acting all wonky just as in those films in our reality. The CDC, I NEVER trusted those loons. Many who work there are really talented smart folks, but the administration, as per usual in government agencies, are a bunch of fools with political agendas. Why would some of them get patents on viral strains? What other government agency has patents of anything, save stupidity or nefariousness?

This whole thing is being dreadfully mismanaged and it looks like these power hungry fools are drooling in anticipation of getting their Medical Marshall Law implemented. I shudder to think!

Perhaps that's why they patented these strains, for personal profit off the vaccines? I wouldn't doubt it one bit.
(03-02-2020, 12:22 AM)Teresa Agrorum Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, Zedta, for keeping the sources current--by searching the names attached to the scientific journal articles mentioned in these reports, one may find a great deal more. 

A friend (a senior pathologist in the upper Midwest) could only describe this virus as 'biblical'.
Your pathologist friend is obviously looking at the true news coming out about this thing. It is turning full "biblical" indeed! If the mutations are true and the rate of mutations is as high as it appears, there may be no end to how many could be infected before it ends. It is like the virus, in many ways, portrayed in the TV Series, "The Last Ship".

Pray, pray, and then PRAY some more!
Latest info, with links to source material, from Stan

Just to add: Word has it that Florida has just confirmed two cases in the Tampa area and our governor has declared a state of emergency in Florida.

Stan Deyo Web Site Wrote:[Image: label.Health.wte.jpg]
Coronavirus Count: – HOLLY NOTE: Since Friday, COVID-19 has spread to 12 more countries including Ireland, Luxembourg, Andorra, Scotland, Iceland, Monaco, Ecuador, Brazil, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Armenia.
[Image:]Countries Affected: 71
[Image:]Cases: 89,843
[Image:]Serious or Critical: 7,374
[Image:]Deaths: 3,069
[Image:]Recovered: 45,636

6 Confirmed Dead in Washington State

…'Could Be 1,000 Times More Infectious Than SARS', Scientists Warn As They Discover It Plagues The Body The Same Way as HIV and Ebola[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 Are Starting To Pop Up Literally All Across The U.S.

US Reports Jump in Cases[Image: icon.epidemic.jpg]

Hundreds Could Already be Infected in US, Gene Sequencing Suggests[Image: icon.sick2.jpg]

Number of US Coronavirus Cases with ‘Unknown Origin’ Rises to 4

Australia Records First 2 Cases of Human-to-Human Transmission[Image: icon.transmissionn.jpg]

Virus Kills Member of Council Advising Iran’s Supreme Leader

Washington State Confirms 2nd US Coronavirus Death[Image: icon.superbug2.jpg]

2 Public Schools in Oregon and Washington Close As Districts Race To Contain The Spread

Panicked City Shoppers Stock Up At Costco Amid Coronavirus Fears[Image: icon.tomato.jpg]

Mexico Confirms First 2 Coronavirus Cases[Image: icon.sick2.jpg]

Kris Kobach Warns Southern Border Could Be 'Wide-Open Doorway' For Those Infected With Coronavirus[Image: icon.border.wall.jpg]

Ireland Confirms Its First Case After Man Contracted Infection In Northern Italy

1 in 10 Britons Could End Up In Hospital With COVID-19, Warns NHS as Red Cross Workers Are Drafted In To Help And Plans Emerge For a Hyde Park Morgue In Worst-Case Scenario[Image: icon.superbug2.jpg]

Johns Hopkins CSSE Map of Global COVID-19 Cases[Image: icon.globe.jpg]

Entire UK Cities Could Be Placed On Lockdown

[Good advise below]

[Image: label.Alert.wte.jpg]

2 Amazon Workers Have Coronavirus[Image: icon.coronavirus.jpg] – HOLLY NOTE: Stan's surgeon brother recommends that ALL mail and packages be sprayed with a dilution of household bleach like Clorox and water while COVID-19 spreading. Clorox used to have on their site, instructions and amounts of Clorox-to-water for preparing for pandemics and disinfection, which is reprinted in Dare To Prepare on page 372. Most of their recommendations are for hard, non-porous surfaces, that can be rinsed. Obviously mail can't, but it's a good precaution to give incoming mail a thorough spray.

COVID-19 is new – way before this chart was printed, but chlorine bleach is effective against at least 12 viruses including respiratory ones, plus at least 8 bacteria including staph, E.coli and the one that causes Legionnaires' disease.

It's important to mix the solution on the day it's to be used for peak strength. For larger batches of mail and packages, mix 3/4 cup chlorine to a gallon of water. For a quart bottle (4 cups water), use 1-1/2 ounces (3 tablespoons) of bleach and carefully pour into a spray bottle. Using a funnel makes it much easier. For metric, mix 4 liters water to 180ml bleach. For smaller batches, mix 1 liter water to 45 ml bleach. Spray mail and let air dry. We aren't doctors and make no medical claims, but it's likely to be very beneficial in fighting OCVID-19.

In addition to a chapter devoted to chlorine bleach and its many uses, Dare To Prepare covers in Chapter 42 – Bio-Warfare Decontamination. Chapter 65: Preparing For A Pandemic devotes 15 pages to this topic. It's unfortunate that we need this kind of information, but it was only a matter of time till some really nasty bug arrived.
(02-29-2020, 05:38 PM)Blind Horus Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-29-2020, 04:53 PM)Zedta Wrote: [ -> ]Just saw this in an email.
Me Wrote:Is the author a bit hyperbolic? Perhaps, there are only three labs, currently, that can test for this virus and I haven't heard of an approved/reliable "Test Kit" that is readily and widely available as of yet. So testing has been delayed by many state's Health Officials and that has been quite a problem. You can't control a disease from spreading, by letting possible carriers loose in the populace. That's just plain idiotic!

Article Wrote:Oregon announces new coronavirus infection with no known origin, making it the THIRD apparent outbreak along the West Coast
Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 03:48.

[Image: Coronavirus-Microscope-Lab-Testing-Scien...k=uk9AbNcN]

 By Mike Adams
The State of Oregon held a press conference this evening, announcing a “presumptive case” of coronavirus infection in Washington County. As we’ve now seen across the entire country for the last three weekslab testing of this person was prohibited by the CDC, which allowed the virus to spread for weeks by withholding permission for state public health labs to conduct coronavirus testing on their own.

Earlier today, the Oregon Health Authority was granted permission by the CDC to start conducting tests for the very first time (before today, Oregon had conducted exactly zero tests, just like California, Hawaii, Florida and nearly every other U.S. state). Within hours, Oregon identified a coronavirus infection. “The lab tested the sample today—only hours after it validated the new CDC test kit,” reports the Oregon Health Authority.

From the full press release:
The case was not a person under monitoring or a person under investigation. The individual had neither a history of travel to a country where the virus was circulating, nor is believed to have had a close contact with another confirmed case—the two most common sources of exposure. As such, public health officials are considering it a likely community-transmitted case, meaning that the origin of the infection is unknown.

The patient is now quarantined just today, after weeks of exposing staff and students in the Lake Oswego school district

It appears the individual was a school teacher or staff member.

Also from the press release:
The individual spent time in a school in the Lake Oswego school district and may have exposed students and staff there. Public health officials will investigate potential exposures there and contact employees and families of children to let them know next steps.

The CDC’s mission was well accomplished, it seems, in delaying state-level testing for the coronavirus, allowing it to spread for 3-4 weeks while the lying mainstream media ran with a bogus “it’s no worse than the flu” cover story.

Over the next several days, we are all about to witness an explosion of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States as state and local public health labs begin ramping up testing, ultimately reaching a combined capacity of 10,000 tests per day over the next few weeks, according to the former head of the FDA.

President Trump and his coronavirus propaganda team are unprepared for the reality of what’s happening

President Trump has dispatched V.P. Mike Pence to carry out what is essentially a propaganda role to try to convince the American people to buy more stocks and don’t notice the collapsing global supply chain. With each passing day, this looks like the end of the Trump presidency. Instead of putting legitimate scientists, virologists or epidemiologists in charge of the nationwide pandemic project, we’ve got Mike Pence, a former Goldman Sachs banker, a publicist and probably a mime, too, for all we know.

None of them have any real clue about infectious disease. We’re not saying they’re bad people, but managing a viral outbreak requires very specific technical knowledge and training, and these people flat out don’t have it. Trump is receiving horrible advice on all this, and he’s chosen the wrong people to run the pandemic response team.

Putting Mike Pence in charge of a viral outbreak is sort of like putting Jeff Sessions in charge of the DOJ. Look what happened there…

Why it’s WAY worse than the flu

On a financial note, you can’t just keep cheerleading the stock market while denying the reality of a pandemic that could quite literally kill millions of Americans. If just 50% of the U.S. population gets infected, a 2% mortality rate for the coronavirus would result in 3.3 million deaths.

Still think it’s no worse than the flu? The people saying that are truly among the dumbest people alive today. They might even be too stupid to survive the very virus they think is no worse than the flu.

After the first 100,000 people are infected in America and the hospital beds are overrun, let’s see how many oblivious morons are still claiming it’s no worse than the flu.

It’s hard enough to save people from the coronavirus. But saving people from their own stupidity is darn near impossible. Some people, it seems, are destined to be virus food.

Watch this segment to learn more:
Lake Oswego is a snooty little Me-First kind of a town, (very, very affluent), and I heard that as soon as the corona virus news broke the Lake Oswego urgent care turned into pure bedlam, (and the all the Kung-flu jokes stopped too). People.
This was very rude towards Lake Oswego and I apologize,  no excuse.
Reports are starting to come in of medication shortages, especially antibiotics, beginning to surface. My son, a hospital based pharmacist, says they are beginning to see this too. Supply train is getting limited.

[Edit] Just to add; I have been seeing a number of sites that are reporting problems with selling 'storage' foods. Just about ALL food storage sellers have sold out and some are taking orders, but NOT DELIVERING. Beware! Word has it, that secretly, FEMA and other Government agencies have been buying out these providers in preparation for an event. 3M and other medical product manufacturers have been tasked by the government to begin mass production of masks.

The predictions of the number of infected people and the effect on the medical/health providers is going to be, as it was said, "Biblical". It will be very serious within 90 days. The severity is being underplayed, certainly, to reduce impact on the economy, the populace and availability of goods in the supply chain.

We really do need to pray this away! It could reverberate for a year, it could slow down or stop during the summer. It is all skepticism at this time. But I know from sources, that the government is, quietly as possible, planning for the worst.
Today's update from

Stan Wrote:Link to Stan

[Image: label.Health.wte.jpg]
[url=]Coronavirus Count:
– HOLLY NOTE: Since yesterday, COVID-19 has spread to 6 more countries including Morocco, Latvia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Gibraltar and Tunisia.
[Image:]Countries Affected: 77
[Image:]Cases: 92,288
[Image:]Serious or Critical: 7,098
[Image:]Deaths: 3,130
[Image:]Recovered: 48,451
WHO Says New Coronavirus Cases Outside China Are 9 Times Higher Than Inside Over Last 24 Hours

New York Emergency Room Doctor: There Will Be “Thousands” Of Confirmed Cases In The U.S. “By Next Week”[Image: icon.face.mask3.jpg]

FEMA Preparing For Possible Coronavirus Emergency Declaration

Powell and Mnuchin Will Lead G-7 Emergency Call On The Coronavirus Tuesday

3 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In Toronto, Bringing Ontario Total to 18[Image: icon.Canada.flag.wte.jpg]

Israeli Who Recovered In Japan Develops Coronavirus Again

Jordan Announces First Coronavirus Case In Man Who Returned From Italy[Image: icon.Italy.flag.jpg]

Italy Coronavirus Death Toll Jumps To 52; 4 Dead in France
EU Raises Virus Alert…

4 New UK Coronavirus Cases Yesterday Brings UK Total to 40

Britons Could Face European-Style Ban on Public Gatherings, Fines For Entering 'Infected' Areas – Boris Johnson Warns of 'Significant' Spread Within Days[Image: icon.England.flag.wte.jpg]

Sydney Doctor Now Ill As Coronavirus Spreads[Image: icon.sick2.jpg]

Australians Suspected Of Carrying Virus Could Be Banned From Crowded Places – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't this a no-brainer? Aren't quarantines what you do to prevent spread?[Image: icon.clown.wte.jpg]

Coronavirus Spreading in Australia to Worsen, With August Expected to Be the Most Dangerous Month, According to Models

Sun Princess Cruise Ship Met By Violent Protests Upon Docking at Réunion Island

Korean Cult Church Leader Apologizes for Coronavirus Spread As Group Faces Murder Investigation

How Does COVID-19 Attack The Human Body? Scientists Reveal It Kills Off Lung Cells and Can Cause The Immune System to Go 'Haywire'

Iranians Lick Religious Shrines In Defiance Of Coronavirus Spread[Image: icon.barf.wte.jpg]

British Citizen Imprisoned In Iran May Have Coronavirus

Pandemic Or Not, This Is a MAJOR Embarrassment For China[Image: icon.shame.wte.jpg]
There cases here in Florida already.  It begins... i don't expect to see the full extent of it till the end of the month, maybe even sometime in April.  Incubation period is long enough for several weeks of infections to occur without anyone knowing they're sick or passing it on.  

The anemic reaction to the Fed's "rate cut" today in the markets confirms for me that yesterday's stock upside was nothing more than the old proverbial "dead cat bounce". I'm thinking not only are infections going to rise but the economic situation is on life support. I just hope crypto becomes a real hedge.
I have been clicking these links, looking for some mention of vitamin C, but nothing so far.

Meanwhile, the news from medical teams in Asia using C continues to be very encouraging.

Quote:Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Mar 3, 2020
Shanghai Government Officially Recommends Vitamin C for COVID-19
by Andrew W. Saul

(OMNS Mar 3, 2020) The government of Shanghai, China has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C. (1) Dosage recommendations vary with severity of illness, from 50 to 200 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day to as much as 200 mg/kg/day.

These dosages are approximately 4,000 to 16,000 mg for an adult, administered by IV. This specific method of administration is important, says intravenous therapy expert Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD, because vitamin C's effect is at least ten times more powerful by IV than if taken orally. Dr. Yanagisawa is president of the Tokyo-based Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy. He says, "Intravenous vitamin C is a safe, effective, and broad-spectrum antiviral."

Richard Z. Cheng, MD, PhD, a Chinese-American specialist physician, has been working closely with medical and governmental authorities throughout China. He has been instrumental in facilitating at least three Chinese clinical IV vitamin C studies now underway. Dr. Cheng is presently in Shanghai continuing his efforts to encourage still more Chinese hospitals to implement vitamin C therapy incorporating high oral doses as well as C by IV. Dr. Cheng and Dr. Yanagisawa both recommend oral vitamin C for prevention of COVID-19 infection.

An official statement from Xi'an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (2) reads:

"On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital. In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS)."

More here, including treatment protocols:

Note that C by IV greatly multiplies the vitamin's effectiveness but it is important to begin taking oral C now, before you are exposed. High risk groups include those with chronic illnesses and the elderly.
February 25, 2020 Posted by Marco Tosatti


Marco Tosatti

Dearest Stilumcurials, Big Piece has reflected on the strange epidemic of Coronavirus, and above all has brought to mind a series of elements some distant in time, others very current, all united by the red thread of Malthusianism, the theory according to which the main problem of the Planet they are humans. Not the Maltusians, or the neo-Maltusians, of course: the rest. A bit like the strange circumstance according to which the defenders of abortion have always been born ... And Big Piece joining the dots has come to disturbing thoughts. Which, moreover, have been hovering in the air for some time, just like Coronavirus ... Happy reading.

Dear Tosatti, dear stilumcurials, speaking of , in order to intrigue you, I would like to remind you or tell you some quotes - bad and bad - of very important people, guaranteeing that these bad and bad thoughts are very current, and, for certain distraction, they have even inspired some consideration of the Church's teaching in recent times ...

Wrote the Anglican Reverend (father of the so-called Malthusianism) Thomas Robert Malthus, in the early 1800s, that it was necessary at all costs to prevent births - in excess - (his?) By encouraging nature to produce (infantile) mortality. He suggested not to teach the poor about hygiene, he suggested to facilitate the return of the plague, to make the poor live in unhealthy areas, etc.

But above all he preached to discourage the prevention and treatment of particular contagious and deadly diseases.

Prince Philip of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth II, but also founder and president of the WWF, wrote that the preservation of humanity can require the sorting and elimination of the surplus part.

But he also declared to the Deutsche Presse Agentur in August 1988 that if he had reincarnated he would have wanted to become a deadly virus to solve the problem of overpopulation.

In a 1984 interview Thomas Ferguson, head of the State Department's Demographic Affairs Bureau, explained that the fastest way to reduce the population is with hunger, as in Africa, or with diseases like the plague ...

In 1980 in an interview with Repubblica, the founder of the Club of Rome Aurelio Peccei, declared that .

One more quote (from 1923), this time even prophetic, by Bertrand Russell the great English philosopher. He wrote that the time will come when the less prolific races will have to defend themselves from the more prolific ones, resorting to methods that are disgusting, although necessary.

That's enough. In short, for a certain neo-Malthusian dominant culture, the real enemy of humanity (the well-selected one) is the other part of humanity (the useless and defective one), which proliferates in a "cancerous" way.

Remembering these quotes by heart, I thought of the , who knows why ...

What do you think Tosatti, am I a bad thinker?

Ah! I forgot. You must know that on the subject of Amazon, Pope Bergoglio, it was not an original state. Before him, a competitor said and wrote the same things: the then Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who, it seems to me in 2007, wrote an article on the Guardian on the Amazon, "lung of the world" which generated a fifth of the oxygen necessary for humanity, but which was destroyed (with fires !!) to support the economic growth and luxury of a privileged few.

To which our friend Philip of Edinburgh felt the duty to declare that pagan religions had to be supported, because Christian religions do not teach us to defend nature ... Oh!

But then 'am the Amazon Synod of Bergoglio arrives only late plagiarizing the Anglicans or wanted to confirm their thinking? Roman mysteries ...
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