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Full Version: Quote from the cures of Ars-help me interpret it
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(i didnt find the sermon in english,I provide the spanish text with my translation)

Escuchad lo que el mismo Jesucristo nos dice en el Evangelio: «Si dais limosnas, yo bendeciré vuestros bienes de un modo especial. Dad, nos dice, y se os dará; si dais en abundancia, se os dará también en abundancia» (Luc., 6. 38). El Espíritu Santo nos dice por boca del Sabio: «Queréis haceros ricos? Dad limosna, ya que el seno del indigente es un campo tan fértil que rinde ciento por uno» (Prov., 29. 15.). San Juan, conocido con el sobrenombre de «el Limosnero», por razón de la gran caridad que por los pobres sentía, nos dice que cuanto más daba, más recibía: «Un día, refiere él, encontré a un pobre sin vestido, y le entregué el que yo llevaba. En seguida una persona me facilitó medios con qué proporcionarme muchos». El Espíritu Santo nos dice que quien desprecie al pobre será desgraciado todos los días de su vida (Prov., 17. 5.).

"listen to what Christ himself says in the Gospel"if you give alms,ill bless your good in a special way. give,and it shall be give,- then he quotes luke 6.38 the Holy Spirit says trough the mouth of the wise:"do you want to become rich? give alms,the poor man is a fertile field that shields 100 to 1=(prov 29.15) saint john,known as "the alms giver",because of the great charity he felt for the poor, tells us that the more he gave he more he received"one day he says,i found a poor without a dress,and gave him mine. inmediatly a person gave me means to buy a lot.  the Holy SPirit syas that he who despises the poor will be cursed every day of his life.

i also known the pilgrim's progress has the quote"a man there was,tho some did count him mad,the more he gaver away the more he had"
is the cures talking about spiritual blessings,right? Or, at least health and protection from danger?
im tempted to associate"become rich",and st john's story,with material wealth,but thats kinda---prosperity gospel?
I also found and old spanish cathecism book which said alms blessed and protected you. I even know of a rabbi who says jews are rich because they tithe charity!