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Full Version: is this silly/bad or can I do this?rosary request
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I'm a rookie tennis player with a birt disability(basically im very clumsy),I never did this but can I pray rosary(ies)with the intention"become a great player"?
of course i dont expect magic powers ill still work hard ,study and practice,but is a prayer for sport perfomance valid? I mean,people have prayed for success in war which is a highly phsysical activity.
i recall montfort said to actually go ahead and ask for something during a rosary.

I used to want to use my grit (im doing 1000+ pushups daily)for valu tudo or boxing,but my priest said modern boxing was not a good example,im sure as a catholic winning tennis game is much nicer than beating down a my country boxing is related to gambling,and vale tudo is kinda underground,im not sure its 100%legal.
I read a tennis player,nadal I think,was celibate for a year to improve his game,right now im single so...guess I have some bonus regarding my chances at the game? :D
If no one took a stab at this I will.

I learned in an exchange with a Jew that they rather pride themselves on not petitioning God for wants and desires. I was astonished--the Lord's own prayer features a number of petitions to God, yes, some seemingly mundane, but all begging for His assistance in our daily lives. In fact, the more closely you examine this prayer, the more you realize that even the small things in life can have great influence on our eternal destiny.

Don't be afraid to ask. God loves you. If He does not permit something, it's because He knows better than you. As you grow in the spiritual life, you become aware of other things, things not having to do with this existence but far more desirable--if you're doing it right, in time you will want those more and your prayers will be fruitful indeed.

May God bless you.
I 2nd the above post. If God gave you a particular grace, then there's nothing wrong in utilizing it provided it's for His glory. So if God does indeed give you the grace to be a great tennis player, then you have an obligation to be a great player for His glory, not your own.
Good luck, I hope you become a great player! For your prayer to be most effective, I recommend that you:

- Route your prayers through the intercession of the Blessed Mother[/li]
- Make sure to include "if it be Your Will" before your intention[/li]

Praying for what you perceive to be what you were meant for is great, and God will help you out there if it is His Will, and open new doors and create more possibilities than you've ever dreamed of. But don't forget to pray for the grace of discernment, and ultimately, the grace to live eternally with Him in Heaven.
Thanks for helpful answers.
I will try to halt my main two problems now which are compulsive internet use and over-sleeping.
I will direct all my energies towards my goal!