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Full Version: The case (in favor of) Cardinal George Pell
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The conclusion to RJ Smith's presentation in Quillette of the legal contortions made in convicting the Australian prelate:

"Pell’s case is not over. In March, Australia’s best legal minds will advocate on his behalf in the country’s highest court. Cardinal Pell does not need a miracle. He merely needs the High Court to reassert the basic tenets of the common law that have been jettisoned amid the understandable fervour to punish those who for many years committed unspeakable crimes against the vulnerable with impunity."
If you know our High Court... he does need a miracle.

Unfortunately Geroge Pell has not been wise as a snake and innocent as a dove which makes it difficult (he defended a pedophile priest at one point unknowingly of course), but as for the actual case he was convicted for, I think is false.

"For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

God Bless You
Pray and do all that is possible to defend our faithful priests and prelates.
That poor man. Assuming the info I got ( from vloggers) is correct, I think he's gotta be innocent.