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Full Version: Why don't monks/saints eat meat?
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Every time the diet of a saint is mentioned it never has meat.why is this?
Is there a belief animal meat inflames lust?
Just because meat is very tasty and giving it up is ascetic?
I personally love fried chicken and blood sausage  :D
"I personally love fried chicken and blood sausage."

Now you're talking--I do too. Giving meat up must be a kind of love gift to God. Someone else on the forum will certainly flesh this out further. (Sorry--couldn't help the pun!)
Don't forget that for most of history meat was a luxury. The average person was lucky to have meat once a week or once a month. People typically lived on grains, legumes, nuts, and (depending on location) fish. Today, meat is so widely available and is cheaper than a lot of foods especially nuts and fish. For modern people fish is more a luxury than meat.
(02-27-2020, 11:07 AM)xsantiagox Wrote: [ -> ]I personally love...blood sausage  :D

Prieta? Boudin? :P