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Full Version: Make Your Immune System Bulletproof Now
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How can you bulletproof (strengthen) your immune system and avoid pathogens? [think Covid 19] Watch this video to find out.

we may have to prepare to hunker down and stay out of crowds very soon....Sauerkraut is a great shelf stable food to stock up on to support your immune system. Sardines and canned salmon, too. Getting a little sun every day is great. Get your sleep.

Sprouts are fantastic, too. You can grow them on the windowsill.
First a disclaimer: I'm not an expert, nor do I play one on TV.

A healthy immune system is the best defense against illness but COVID-19 has some strange features that complicate things. One of these is the ability to use the immune system against itself, sending it into an overdrive known as a 'cytokine storm': an apparently recovering victim collapses suddenly from septic shock due to major organ failure.

Definitely read up on this; here's an overview from one of Zedta's posts:

So little is known about coronavirus and how it operates, making it difficult to treat successfully. The key seems to boost the immune system early in the illness (e.g., elderberry) then if there is a turn for the worse to stop taking these aids  in order to avoid triggering the overdrive response.

Medical teams in China and Korea are reporting that high dose vitamin C therapy stops the virus and does not create this problem:

Currently there are no effective drugs and talk of a vaccine may be pie in the sky; reportedly there are at least 19 strains of the virus in Italy alone. May God have mercy on us.