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Full Version: Rome Suspends All Public Masses
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VATICAN CITY ( - In a historic first, Rome has banned the presence of the faithful at all Masses until April 3, displaying an excessive willingness to submit to the emergency coronavirus decree of the Italian government issued Saturday night.

Priests may continue to celebrate the Eucharist behind locked doors but congregations will be prohibited from entering churches while Mass is being celebrated and Catholics will have to forgo receiving the sacraments in church communities.

                                              If it's one thing the post V2 Hirelings like doing, it's closing churches.
Looking for the DISLIKE button...

Pardon me if this move feels self-interested and even petty. And should the virus flame up in Rome, Catholics will die without the Sacraments.
From the Twitter feed:

Quote:When on one day, 5,000 people died in Rome alone, and when the pagan priests and doctors and authorities fled the cities, discarding even their dearest, it was Christians who heroically cared for the sick and the dying knowing they could be infected and die from the disease.

Catholics and unchurched alike will die without the loving care of the Church, their true Mother. Who are these clowns?
We have been abandoned for the most part by our priests and hierarchy as has been reported in other news outlets and not only Catholic ones. A spiritual wasteland.  I cannot express the desolation I feel when seeing notices outside ALL churches: No Masses, No Confessions, No Benedictions.  Signed by the Bishops. This is the worst part of all.  At least, though, some churches are open and one can visit Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and have recourse to personal prayer.

                                          Rome may not have become the seat of the AntiChrist, but it sure look's like it has lost the faith.
Get to Confession people. I have no crystal ball, but we here in America could be a couple weeks behind Italy.
Jews seeking to sacrifice on the Temple mount, the Church using the coronavirus scare as an excuse to stop the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the public, the generally depravity and godlessness of our culture... I'm looking at the signs of the times folks, and really wondering if the Last Days are on the horizon...
Maybe this measure will unintendedly foster the return of the private masses.

God brings good out of evil.
I wonder if the sedevacantists and SSPX have suspended the Sacraments.
(03-09-2020, 07:10 PM)austenbosten Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if the sedevacantists and SSPX have suspended the Sacraments.

I don't know about sedevacantists, but considering the SSPX are posting galleries of their continued missions in the Philippines despite the coronavirus, I honestly doubt they would do such a thing.
Return to Tradition weighs in on the situation based upon Revelation and some warnings of the saints
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