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Full Version: Letter From The SSPX Superior General In this time of Epidemic
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Wonderful message from the SSPX Superior General.

Letter from the SSPX Superior General.

To this is added the difficulty or even the impossibility of freely assisting at Holy Mass, which augments the harshness of this ordeal. But there remains in our hands a privileged means and a weapon more powerful than the anxiety, uncertainty, or the panic that the coronavirus crisis can cause: we are speaking of the Holy Rosary, which links us to the Most Holy Virgin and to Heaven.

The moment has come to pray the rosary in our homes more systematically and with more fervor than usual. Let us not waste our time in front of screens and do not let ourselves be won over by media hype. If we must be quarantined, let us take advantage of this to transform our "house arrest" into a kind of joyful family retreat, during which prayer regains the place, the time, and the importance it deserves. Let us read the entire gospel, meditate upon it calmly, listen to it in peace: the words of the Master are the most effective, because they easily reach the intelligence and the heart.
Father asked me to translate it yesterday, so I had to read the full letter.
Don Pagliarani, Pope Francis, and possibly several other prelates are asking the faithful to pray the rosary, to ask for the intercession of the Blessed Lady of the Rosary, for the sick, for the dying, and for the world. May she bring an end to this plague and save her people.