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Full Version: Quarantine Lectures + "Spiritual Offense"= Thomistic Institute
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Links below may not work, but search at “The Thomistic Institute." I share today's letter:

Dear Friends,
Most U.S. universities have sent their students home.  
Now there's even more need for a forum where students and others can encounter the truth of the Catholic intellectual tradition – and experience a real communion in the truth.
That’s why we’ve been working around the clock to create a new outreach of the Thomistic Institute: Quarantine Lectures, which will launch next week. 
We will live stream TI lectures to you several nights a week, for as long as the coronavirus quarantine lasts.
Participants will be able to watch the live video stream, ask real-time questions by voice from your own webcam, and continue the conversation with students from their campus via live post-lecture video discussion groups at the end of the session.  (Non-students are welcome, too, especially our Aquinas 101 subscribers!)

Quarantine Lectures

Thurs. March 26th 8 pm ET/5 pm PT: Fr. Dominic Legge, OP. Grace and Anxiety: Spiritual Growth in a Time of Turmoil.

Tues. March 31st (same time as above): Fr. Anthony Giambrone, OP. Plagues: What We Can Learn from the Bible.

Thurs. April 2nd. (same time as above): Fr. James Brent, OP. The Presence of God in a Season of Solitude.

We’ll send out a registration invitation soon, but please put this on your calendar now.

Other Resources

In the meantime, know that we now have [u]52 videos[/u] available in our Aquinas 101 video course.  Visit to watch and to find more resources.
We also have 716 recorded TI lectures on
our SoundCloud page, which are also available on almost all podcast apps – search for “The Thomistic Institute” and subscribe.  (Over the past year, we’ve had nearly 1.4 million listens!)

Spiritual Offense
I’d also ask you to join me and the other friars of my Dominican community as we go on spiritual offense in this difficult time.  Here at the Dominican House, we are adding hours of Eucharistic adoration to pray for an end to this outbreak, for all the sick and those caring for them, and for all those isolated, alone, and suffering.  We'll be holding a special procession with the Eucharist for times of plague (alas, in private!).  And we priests are doing everything we can to make the sacraments available to all those who desire them.
I offered Mass for you yesterday, and for everyone else associated with the Thomistic Institute.  May God grant you grace and strength!  Our hope is in Jesus Christ, who will not abandon us in time of trial.  The power of his grace is real, and no quarantine can keep it from you.

At times like this, it's a consolation to be part of a living tradition of faith that has passed through trials like this before.
Online instruction cannot substitute for a real personal presence, or the communion we feel when we’re with friends.  Still, we hope this new outreach will help bring you closer to each other, and closer to Christ and his truth, no matter how far apart we remain in body!
With prayers,
Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P.
(03-18-2020, 07:48 PM)Fionnchu Wrote: [ -> ] .... especially our Aquinas 101 subscribers!
This video offers a teaser; my TLM mentor recommends the free series highly.