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Full Version: Apologetics + Cath Doctrine Fr Sheehan 1950
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Hard to believe my parents might have been raised with this in hand during their teenage Irish years catechized ca. the halfway point of last century, the decade prior to V2. A pdf of this once-popular compendium by Fr Michael Sheehan in its 5th ed. (1950) can be found at this site. It's been updated and expanded for Baronius Press in an affordable text by Fr Peter Joseph, who assures that 90% of the original is intact; he's added pertinent coverage and eliminated outdated material. That "classic high school text" sold half a million copies and was last published in a revised 1962.

(P.S. If this appears in the FE library, my apologies. I looked and did not find it there so perhaps it may be added?)
A postscript from Fr Peter Joseph is apt, in this time when so many need our assistance. "The motivation for our work was the propagation of the faith and, in accordance with this, any personal profits from this book will go to Catholic Missions and aid to refugees."