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Full Version: How is everyone going to confession?
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Does your parish still offer it?

Are you making appointments to go?

Are you just going to another parish offering drive-through or normal confession?

One thing that is frustrating, at least in my diocese, is that you have to look at every individual church website or call up to see what they're doing.  It would be nice if the diocese web page had some type of "confession during Covid" link that was a one-stop resource for finding out which churches in the diocese were still offering confession in some form.
I have very limited options for confession.  Add to that the fact that both my mother and sister live with me, and have auto immune diseases, and I can say that I self-limit going out.  I say the best act of perfect contrition that I can.  Once the sacraments are available again and things are a little more settled, I will go ASAP to confession.
Thankfully the parish close to me is offering confession as usual, the church is also open during the day for adoration.
(05-03-2020, 11:48 AM)Florus Wrote: [ -> ]Thankfully the parish close to me is offering confession as usual, the church is also open during the day for adoration.
I have a similar blessing, my SSPX chapel is offering confessions before Mass as normal. They've simply moved it to one of the school rooms near the entrance so people can line up outside.
Well in England the churches are completely closed - no confession, no adoration - nothing.

Its the act of perfect contrition and streaming masses!

If anyone ever took attending mass for granted, they certainly won’t after this lockdown ends. (nb;
I am only talking about believing catholics here).
Just to be more precise.

If you want a takeaway or the ‘liquor store’ - no problem!
I go to a Ukrainian Catholic priest, who I also attend liturgy with once a week. Anywhere between 1 and 6 people have been present for the latter.
Yes, in many ways it's "luck of the draw" depending on where you live.

I've had to take a couple lengthy drives to get to confession. The priest at my parish recently had surgery so is understandably cautious, and the priest at the other nearby parish had been sick for some time (non-Covid) and sadly passed away last week.
Previous to Easter, the preceding two Wednesdays, parking lot confessions were available. The only mention if the sacraments I've recently seen was when one was in danger of death.
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