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Full Version: Fr. John O'Connor on the Reign of the Antichrist
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A classic, but always relevant, video by Fr. John O'Connor on the Antichrist. Especially since we may be seeing the system of the Beast coming to fruition before us.

Father O'Connor is excellent. I'm so grateful for this.
Is this the late Father O'Connor who used to have a bunch of talks on the old KeepTheFaith website?  Man the memories!  I used to buy the talks individually, load them on a cheap mp3 player and listen to them back in the day. Father O'Connor, Dr. William Marra, Dr. John Rao, Michael Davies and countless others.  I used to deliver mail and listen to those over and over.  While I'm no longer a Catholic the education I got in everything from classical philosophy to history, and RC theology was amazing.  Fond memories indeed.
Michael Davies' knowledge of the Church will always amaze me.
What a priest! May God reward him greatly!
When I met Fr O'Connor in 1991, he had been expelled from the Dominicans for upholding Catholic sexual morality. At the same time, Matthew Fox, still a Catholic in name, was a Dominican in good standing, touring the country with his 'witch' companion, 'Starhawk', giving joint retreats in pagan 'Creation Spirituality'. Fr O'Connor was a great man. May he rest in peace.