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I truly believe Jesus has returned in the heavens (clouded. 
The book of the appocolpse indicates he returns on the sixth seal / like how his ttrtransfigururation was on the sixth day
His return is known as ' the day of the Lord's
It is triggered by the abomination of the desolut( like the golden calf in a holy place)
Thessalonians 2 if you read carefully says he co Mrs when antitrust is revealed

Daniel 12 says his sacrifice on the cross stops for three and a half years
It says the ma to of the beast is unforgivable/ why is it unforgivable if Jesus said aid he forgives all sins 

Isaiah 24 said people have to physically wear their guilt during this period 
The book asp says pe pile have to wear a spiritual mark of 666

our lady of akit a s aid there will be a time with no more pardons .

I'm not a troll in a just terrified the church has it wrong and my last confession wasn't valid
If the Church has it wrong, Christ lied, the gates of hell have prevailed, and no one has the power to forgive sins. Quit worrying about protestant end times 'prophecies'.
PLEASE read this article.

I know how horrible that sort of anxiety is.  Here are some things to remember:

The Bible can be hard to understand, and the Old and New Testaments MUST be kept in context with each other and read with the guidance of the Church.  If you just read isolated bits of text or interpret it on your own it can be EXTREMELY confusing.  If you want to read the bible I HIGHLY recommend trying to find a copy of the bible with Haydock's notes.  (In the 1800's a priest put together a bible with extensive notes from the saints and theologians on almost every verse.) 

I assume you mean Daniel 12:11?  If so the notes in my Haydock read:  "C.- From the abolishing of the mass as much as possible, and the practice of heresy and abomination, unto the end of the antichrist's persecution, 1290 days shall elapse." 

It will be EXTREMELY obvious when Christ comes for the second time. This is a video from a traditional Catholic channel:

This a video from Dr. Taylor Marshall on the mark of the beast. 

This is the first of a series of talks on the end of the world.  PLEASE listen to what he says in the beginning.  There will be no rapture... He came visibly once as a baby, and He will come VISIBLY a second time as our judge.

This is the second talk: 

Your last confession was valid.  (assuming the other conditions for a valid confession are met)
DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE SECOND COMING, OR WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN STILL BE FORGIVEN!!!  Find a good traditional spiritual directer, and TRUST what he says.  I KNOW it's hard to do, and that you are full of doubts.  These doubts come from Satan, who wants you to abandon the Church. 

"What to do: Do your duty in your state of life. Get serious about the Commandments. Get serious about our Faith. Get serious about personal holiness. Say your Rosary and your three Hail Mary's every day. Wear your Brown Scapular. Stop sinning. Go to confession every two weeks. Make fervent communions. Spend time before our Lord in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Put God first and become holy." (From one of the video's description) 

Remember, it's not healthy to spend a lot of time obsessing and worrying over these things. Saint Francis de Sales says this:  "Anxiety is the soul's greatest enemy, sin only excepted"  Satan is trying to get you to leave God.  Stay off the internet as much as possible, and don't read books that feed into this.  

God is not trying to deceive or trick us, He wants us to be saved!

When you find yourself worrying about these things IMMEDIATELY start praying.  Say something along the lines of:  "Jesus, I'm scared and confused, but I trust in You and Your plan"  

Try to keep busy as much as possible.  Do things like working out (even if it's just push ups and stuff you can do at home) and (if you can do it safely) running or jogging.  When you find yourself worrying drop and start exercising until you're exhausted.  (if socially appropriate of course) Find some hobbies you're really into, and do them.  Avoid books and conversations about the end of the world. STAY OFF THE INTERNET AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Other things that can help with anxiety are diet.  If you drink a lot of caffeine try to cut down on how much you consume.  (this really helped me) Avoid really sugary foods.  (the quick energy from them is a problem) 

Get plenty of sleep.  

You might be suffering from Scrupulosity.  If that's the case check out this book:
IIf it is about the mass and not sins , why is the mark of th e beast unforgivable? When he said he would forgive all sins except final impenitence
(08-12-2020, 06:18 AM)Petersimon1 Wrote: [ -> ]IIf it is about the mass and not sins , why is the mark of th e beast unforgivable? When he said he would forgive all sins except final impenitence

What the heck are you talking about?  If you're not a troll, I suggest you stay away from the protestant end times stuff and get some good Catholic catechesis. 

Also, find a good, traditional Catholic priest for confession and talk to him about it.
I'm starting to think the protestants have it right as none of the caricature makes sense.

It said a sign will appear in the heavens of his return

Isaiah said that sign will be the sun being brighter than normal.and the moon being like a lamp at night.

That is clearly what we are everyday and night

Does this not concern anyone ???!!!!
(08-12-2020, 09:33 AM)Petersimon1 Wrote: [ -> ]Does this not concern anyone ???!!!!

No, and again you're bringing this story of the sun and the moon being brighter now than before, not to mention the question on the validity of your confession, which was clarified before, like all your identical posts.
If you're not a troll than you're a person with an unhealthy obsession about the Apocalypse that should stay far away from non-Catholic false teachings and pay some attention to the help people are trying to offer you here. Last time you posted I told you to seek a good priest and bring him all these concerns, also, I suggested Vox and/or some mod to ban you for a week or two in order to prevent you from flooding the forum with the same questions wraped in different titles, something I'm about to suggest them once more.

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