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Full Version: Human 2.0: A Wake up Call to the World? [video]
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Dr. Carrie Madej talks about the method of transmission and the consequences of the coming COVID-19 vaccine. I suggest checking out the video notes, as she has listed numerous sources to support her statements.

I saw her previous video and it appears some video production savvy producers got hold of her and produced this video. That is a good thing. But the other video was a bit too 'amateurish' and 'spontaneous' and that affected the impact of her message in a bad way. She was trying to tell a story and her genuine, emotional level of the importance of the issue came through and too easily could have turned off, and did, some viewers. This one is nicely balanced and her message is clear as she presents the argument against these newly, rapidly, and very sadly, poorly assessed new vaccine candidates.

Nice catch this.
Everything she's saying seems reasonable, but there's a lot of reasonable sounding b.s. floating around nowadays. It's always best to hear counter-arguments, but the average joe, myself included, probably wouldn't understand most of it.

In my opinion, the best course of action is to let the virus run its course and try to minimize deaths. We'd eventually build a natural immunity without all the nefarious sounding what-ifs mentioned in the video.

You could also go full-on conspiracy theory and suggest that Covid-19 was fabricated and intentionally spread to facilitate the mandatory "vaccine" that would create the corporate owned, monitored and controlled human 2.0 population. That'd make a pretty good movie plot.
I did like that she said do your own research. Always good advice.