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Full Version: For my Grandmother
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Please pray for my grandmother.  She is 91 and has cancer (stage 4 bone cancer plus lung cancer).  She had radiation and cyberknife surgery.  Now, she has anemia and liver enzymes that are off the charts.  She  just was admitted to the hospital and I'm very much afraid she won't come out. 
Please pray for me.  I'm 1700+ miles away, unable to travel because my kids are sick, and I'm not even sure I could get in to see her if I did travel.  I'm heart sore.  I know 91 is a good, long life, but I would just like to be there for her.
Thank you!
I will pray for her, I'm so sorry about this.
Fontevrault, I'm sorry to hear of this. I'll pray for her, too.
You've got my prayers, too, Fontevrault.