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Full Version: home teeth whitening?
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Hi guys,

I want to whiten my teeth. I am confused about whether I should visit a dental clinic for this or do it at home itself.
I know visiting a dentist would cost me huge and I don't know whether it is worth it.
I want to know from someone who has experience of teeth whitening at home that what is it to whiten teeth at home? Is it more effective than the dentist?
Did the teeth get significantly whiten? Or any other problems? Was it effective enough? or did you ended up doing it at the dentist anyway?

I would love to hear about your experiences.
Very interesting debut post, but in any event: welcome!

I have one of those Oral B (I believe that the brand) rechargeable toothbrushes that does a great job really cleaning those teeth. I’ve found the Crest or Colgate whitening toothpastes to be pretty good!
Couldn't resist.

Psalm 50:9
Our teeth have amazing natural capabilities to heal and whiten themselves. If you are a coffee or wine drinker, I recommend you stop drinking those liquids as they can continue to stain your teeth. If you absolutely must have a little coffee or wine, drink it through a straw. Brush your teeth with a baking soda-based toothpaste that is specifically for whitening, and then follow afterwards with a whitening rinse. Obviously, avoid sugary foods and drink lots of water. Some people have found success whitening your teeth by going on a low-carb or no carb diet. I would recommend looking into this. Carbohydrates can drastically affect the health of our mouth and thus the health of our teeth.
Greetings. My teeth are pretty bad as I was on tetracycline for an extended period of time in my 20's...if you didn't know, tetracycline will turn your teeth sort of...gray. 

The at home whitening stuff won't work for me. I need the big guns.

I actually asked my dentist about the cost of whitening at her office. She said $300.00  for the trays (she makes them to fit your teeth) and $20.00 for the tube of whitening stuff. She thinks I'd see some improvement, but I dunno, that's a lot of money.
Couldn’t resist 

(02-23-2021, 03:16 PM)Pandora Wrote: [ -> ]Couldn’t resist 

Well, I know what I should do now!
Hi! Consider looking into pulling with coconut oil. It is AMAZING for oral health and it also whitens your teeth. I started pulling when I had a tooth infection and wasnt able to get an appointment for three days. They wanted to pull my tooth.

I was in so much pain, I pulled like a maniac. Prolly three or four times that first day. Next day my pain was GONE. I continued to pull and the pain stayed gone. That was 10 yrs ago, and I still have my tooth! Lol

Anyway, a pleasant side effect was that it whitened the heck out of my teeth!

Hmmm ... I googled and was going to provide a link for you but it looks like there has been a recent influx of articles emphasizing that there is "no scientific evidence" that oil pulling whitens teeth," and its in your best interest to stick to $300 trays. Lol

Well, hopefully you can see through their desperate attempts to hang onto to their profits and give it a try. Your teeth and mouth will thank you!
Dip your toothbrush in baking soda and apple cider vinegar.
I've been doing this since teens and my teeth are white.

I have veneers in front because of a space which that corrected. The tooth whitening strips do not work on veneers. But the above does. Takes about a month.

A friend of mine uses the strips. They are very good on natural teeth.
If we talk about teeth whitening, it is worth noting that it is best to do it exactly at the dentist, because only so you can achieve the result that you want. I've been whitening my teeth for a long time, but home whitening hurts the enamel. The components of various whitening strips and pencils have aggressive components that negatively affect the enamel of our teeth, so gentle whitening is only possible in dental clinics. I had it done at and my teeth are almost like veneers now, haha
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