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Full Version: Catholic Authors in the Military
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This is not copyrighted? And well, this man seems to have dueled which I believe that no good Christian ought to get involved in. But I show interest in medieval combat. I may write a story set in medieval times and this will aid me greatly. At the same time, I already know a little, so this will not serve as my only source.
Nope, its a translation from the three different versions written in the 15th century I believe (may be 14th). Dueled a bit, but not in the manner we think of today. It wasnt a 'you insulted me now fight' duel, it was a 'you are making yourself to be a great teacher of fighting, defend yourself now'. From the sounds of it, a number of these were more akin to ambushes by other instructors who were intent on killing him.

Definitely use it as one of your resources, its not as direct as the german writings in this era (more italian in a sense, poetic), but it gives a sense of how people viewed fighting, learned to fight (a process similar to martial arts today with pictures even), as well as small gems in there of what fighting happened in the civilian life (not many soldiers will need to defend themself in the streets, getting attacekd from behind, with only a stick in hand, look through the one handed and unarmed section).
Interesting, I practice Filipino martial arts though I am just a beginner. We have everything from weapons (sticks, swords, spears, axes. . .) to unarmed fighting (incorporates boxing, open hand strikes, hammerfists, elbow strikes, kicks, wrestling. . .) if anything if there is one thing I haven't personally seen us practice with it is with guns. But even that I think we can work with. If you are interested in martial arts, I suggest you at least take a look at we have to offer. My only scruple is that not every practitioner wears pants and a sweater to cover their limbs every time.

I also happen to watch tournament fights with men in armor, as in knights in full armor hitting each other with swords, axes, etc (probably blunted but it hurts). So I go to watch Battle of the Nations or knights fighting at M-1 Global. In Battle of the Nations it has everything from 1 vs 1 all the way up to 150 vs 150, if I remember correctly. But the fights at M-1 Global are more 1 vs 1 and the practitioners seem skilled in fighting already, my problem is that there is always fanservice at fights like these, so it is best I guard my eyes in such events.
I've come to request recommendations for the history of the Crusades. Preferably writings that are old and are in the public domain.
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