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Full Version: Reverts : What Brought You Back ?
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I had poor instructions in my Catholic school in the later years. 

Since I felt burdened with sin, my priest laid hands on me during a private scheduled confession. That did it.
Poor catechesis. That's always the problem. If you ever went to an evangelical sect, it's almost a guarantee, you met the 65 yr old ex-Catholic, who came to Jesus when he was 40, after Pastor Bob knocked on his door one day and then showed him verse by verse from the Bible, how nearly everything he had been taught in the Catholic Church was really contrary to God's word.
I had school sister's of Notre Dame teach me in early years. I got an Angel sticker for an A paper. Then high school Ihm.
But the curriculum changed. It was a time of Godspell,Jesus Christ super star and Joseph and his technicolor dream coat.

That was in total odds of what my grandmother taught me, I fell into that trap to be "cool".
All my life I've heard people (particularly men) say things like, If I had my life to live over again, I would have really studied hard, got my PHD and gone into a high paying career, I wouldd have learned a trade,or I would have pushed myself nonstop in sports and maybe I could have been a professional athlete, or I should have stayed at that job, or moved to that city, or I should have been closer to my Dad, or Mom, or older brother, drank less, ate better, etc, etc, etc. None of that for me. If I had my life to live over again, I would have been made use of all the magnificent churches in my neighborhood that use to be open maybe 15 hrs a day and spent as much time as I could in God's House, praying, attending mass, confession, adoration, etc.
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