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Full Version: Lobbing the grenade
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I just posted a similar response in a thread, but I feel like this needs to be said and heard.

Lately especially, there have been exponentially more questions directed to posters here that should have been directed to people’s priests or spiritual directors.  Everyone here wants to help, but we are not experts and our person opinions and personal understandings are just that.  We additionally do not know the particulars of people’s life or situation.  Circumstances that responding posters, in all charity, might see as very evil or scandalous might have extenuating details that are better discussed with a priest who will use his prudence.

Don’t be afraid to speak with your priest.  If you don’t “get along” with him and feel like you’re not getting adequate spiritual direction, talk to another priest.  If you regularly find it difficult or inconvenient to schedule time to speak with him, talk to another priest.  You can even talk to *gasp* a NO priest.

Go to confession.  If you don’t feel you’re getting anything out of it, still go.  If you don’t like what the priest tells you, still listen.  If you can’t see yourself reforming and doing what priest says, still be obedient and try.

My intent is not to turn this into a “some priests are bad confessors and directors, so we shouldn’t do what they say for reason x.”  This should be a something all of us can and should get behind and fully support.

Again, a question about “is wearing a pink camo mantilla tacky?” is something we’re equipped to answer. (And yes, it definitely is.)

Specific questions like “do I suffer from scrupulosity?” or “is my mentally ill cousin who beat the family dog morally culpable?” are things about which we can at best offer our personal thoughts and possibly pass along texts to read.
No grenade here, Pandora.  Sometimes people just need to be "reminded".  Good job!
I was going to say something similar, but you spared me the work.
Thing is, folks asking if something was sinful or not, the best suited person to answer this is your priest or spiritual director, not some random people online. Many, if not all, will be as charitable as possible and will try to help you, but we are not the ones you should look for.

I have scruples, lesser than before, and many times I checked forums and blogs trying to decide if what happened was sinful or not, rather than checking my consciousness and asking a priest... nothing good came from it. It only changed when I dropped this stubbornness/pride and decided to ask a priest after a confession.
Great post. These days I usually never get advice from people online, whether it's on social media where I'm not anonymous for the sake of keeping my life private, but especially even if it's anonymous on Catholic forums. The only time I get advice is usually along the lines of what color to paint a kitchen wall or something like that.
I think the title of this thread should have been: "Talk to Your Priest - Please!"

Not "Lobbing the Molotov Cocktail" or similar.
(04-16-2021, 01:01 PM)AlanK82 Wrote: [ -> ]I think the title of this post should have been: "Talk to Your Priest - Please!"

Not "Lobbing the Molotov Cocktail" or similar.
Can't speak for Pandora, but maybe she thought "Lobbing the Grenade" would draw greater attention and readership than something else.  It sure caught my jaded eye! Anyway... the non-grenade has been lobbed and you cannot now un-lob it.
I disagree. It only reminded me to dig up my Che Guevara poster from the late 1960s and Commie Flag.
Cuz, it's the 1960's all over again. And you were there.
Is it a sin to lob a grenade?
(04-16-2021, 01:14 PM)J Michael Wrote: [ -> ]Cuz, it's the 1960's all over again. And you were there.

Mocking people should be on your "do not do" list.
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