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Full Version: Lobbing the grenade
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(04-16-2021, 03:00 PM)Pandora Wrote: [ -> ]Any priest worth his salt will do all he can to help a troubled soul, despite being outrageously busy or inconvenienced.  Even the ones whom we think might not be so disposed to help us have a way of finding a moment, even more, to do so.

Years ago, I was a CCD teacher. We had a Diocesan CCD Teacher's Day at the Diocesan Centre (the former seminary before it was closed for lack of vocations after the Council). The Mass was celebrated by the Archbishop, but the the sermon was preached by a well known Priest/author who had been a friend of mine since long before I became a Catholic. He was 'vested' in an APRON to give his sermon on the 'Servant Church'!

His sermon included such gems as how the Church must admit women to the Priesthood if we were to truly be a servant Church. I became so angry that I couldn't receive Holy Communion. After Mass, I sought him out and asked him to hear my confession. He said he was very busy, and since there were many other Priests present, asked if I could find another Priest. I told him that I needed to confess to HIM. Immediately, he agreed and we found a private spot where he heard my confession.

Please pray for the soul of Fr Edward Hays, author of such spiritual gems as Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim and The Ethiopian Tattoo Shop. I fear he needs many prayers. Here is an example of his thought:

Quote:"I propose new final words of the dying Jesus! His last words were the very same as those of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. She was a Swiss-American psychiatrist and famous pioneer in her work on death and dying," he continued. "When asked where she was going when she died she said, 'I'm going out dancing among the galaxies.' "
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