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Full Version: Have you ever stopped praying for a specific intention?
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Have you ever come to the conclusion that an intention you were praying for is obviously not of God's will so you stopped praying for it? When I told some family members that's what I had done, they told me I had given up and lost hope with God which is a sin and that I need to strengthen my faith, etc. My logic is that after years of praying for said intention and it either being ignored (for lack of a better word) or the opposite event occurring, I finally came to the conclusion that this wasn't God's will for me so I stopped praying for it.
God ALWAYS answers prayers. Unfortunate, from our POV, sometimes the answer is 'No' or 'Not yet'. I don't think you have 'given up on God' in accepting His will that He chose not to answer your prayer with 'Yes'.

That said, don't give up too easily. I prayed for over ten years to be reconciled with my wife after she 'divorced' me. There were times I was tempted to give up, assuming the answer was 'No'. To my great delight, after over a decade, I discovered that His answer had actually beenĀ 'Not yet'.