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Full Version: Youtube is great for fixing things
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I haven't had an appliance repairman come into my house in 15 years.  Any problems, youtube.  Washer stopped spinning last week.  10 minutes later and I have the problem diagnosed without even taking anything apart. Order $20 part from Amazon.  Showed up today - 15 minutes later and the washer is spinning.  I figure it would have cost $300 to have somebody come in and do this for me.  

Garage door spring broke last year.  Called around - $700 was the cheapest.  "So, should we send somebody out?"  lol, no   30 minute video on youtube, $160 part, all fixed.
Yeah, it can be really helpful at times.  Other times, not so much.  If you have plenty of tools and know how to use them all you've got a great head start.
That's wonderful to know..
But be wary.
One person said to buy a huge battery, maybe for a big flashlight or something.
You tuber said, take the battery apart because there are oodles of double A batteries in it.
So dangerous.
I agree. In particular, I have found videos of poor people doing work on cars like mine. That way you get an idea of how hard/annoying the job is going to be. Saved us a lot of money.