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Full Version: La Palma volcano (Canary Islands) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja Volc
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Update, uploaded ca. 13.30 CDT.


This site's author doesn't think it is imminent. Other things precede its coming.
73rd day. Uploaded ca. 15.00 CDT 12/01/21.

Well, thank our Loving Father in Heaven, the volcano seems to have returned to sleep. Sometimes volcanoes do this before suddenly awakening and often in horrendous ways. Take Mount St. Helen's for instance.  Could this be happening here? I hope not. I pray the Almighty God will have mercy on us all!
A favorite youtuber of mine, who goes by the name of Bushcraft Bear covered these, as he lives in La Palma. His latest video is below.

Strangest thing about the copious ash fall from Mount St Helens was it changed the soil. At our tree farm, as we called it, in the Coast Range the red clay stained everything but after the eruption the clay eventually turned brown. I remember cleaning off a shed roof about 30 years after the eruption and under 6 inches of Fir needles I hit a solid 2 inch layer of sticky gray St Helen's ash that hadn't washed away (low pitch roof)

After the eruption my mom was making a not to bad looking pottery glaze from the ash. It had a purplish hue (her favorite color:) I wonder how many people round here still have a jar of it?
No fatalities and from what I understand RNZAF has arrived in an P-3 Orion

Informative video on the Tonga volcano

Based on pilot reports the ash plume base level is around FL400 (top around FL630) That's above the troposphere
The Tongan Gov't has officially requested aid and Australia will be sending the HMAS Adelaide

Tonga is COVID free and pretty picky about who enters the Kingdom
Lots of Boomer-types whinging about the 2 days it took to sail from Sidney to Brisbane

Quote:HMAS Adelaide sailed from Sydney to Brisbane on Monday. Pre-positing to be ready to provide aid and disaster relief support if requested by the Government of Tonga.

Plus they're taking a couple of these along. Good drills

Godspeed Aussies
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