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Full Version: La Palma volcano (Canary Islands) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja Volc
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This activity has been getting stronger, at a regular rate of increase, all day long. The swarms are now near 4.0 and are very shallow. There are reports of H3 being detected near the fault line on the volcano's southern rim. This area could slide into the Atlantic Ocean, an area as big as Long Island New York. Depending on how much and how fast it drops into the Atlantic, it could produce a Tsunami, from a ripple to a monster wave, 1000 Feet tall and moving at about 500 mph. It would strike the east coast with a 80-120 foot wave, traveling at a few 100 mph. It would then act like the Japan Tsunami, flushing back and forth for 20 minutes or so.

I live in Florida and have been watching this potential hazard for years. This is the first time it was this threatening. The EQs are very shallow, on the close side to the rift area, with signs of moving magma in the cone of the volcano. This is worth keeping an eye on.

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La Palma volcano (Canary Islands (Spain)) activity update: Yellow alert for Cumbre Vieja declared
Mo, 13. Sep 2021, 19:49
[Image: PA_SIS_eventos_2021-09-13_03D.jpg]Updated plot of the ongoing swarm.

The strong earthquake swarm is continuing beneath Cumbre Vieja, and now PEVOLCA has raised the alert level to Yellow, citing the repeated occurance of earthquake swarms since 2017, with this one being the strongest and also the shallowest, suggesting magma is slowly rising into the edifice. Measurements of Helium-3 gas flux are also indicating this.
This is a good primer on this event's threat or how it would actually happen, worst case:

Update: I was not able to confirm any EQs on USGS. I could not get any overseas EQ info. At one point the page crashed and I had to restart all over, but still no reports. However, there is lots of activity listed on the European, EMSC-CSEM, version of USGS.

If this could be as FEMA predicted, with 10s of Millions of potential deaths on the whole east coast, maybe they don't want to start a panic, one they didn't instigate on their plans, like Plandemics. I get too cynical, this could become a real threat.


Just to add: I have never seen such numbers of 1.5 to 3.0. every few minutes, like 2 to 4. Swarms and seemingly unrelentingly so. If it hits there are a few short hours before it hits us in the USA. I hope people will be able to get out. Traffic is gonna be real, REAL bad and quick.
The activity appears to have lessened, but continues. One hopes that this isn't a calm before pressure builds to a crescendo eruption.
(09-15-2021, 10:52 AM)Zedta Wrote: [ -> ]The activity appears to have lessened, but continues. One hopes that this isn't a calm before pressure builds to a crescendo eruption.

Well, it would appear that I may have spoke too soon. Latest information is not good. Here's an update:

La Palma has begun preparing evacuation protocols: the operation is prepared for a "hypothetical" eruption.

The mayor of El Paso, Sergio Rodríguez, has confirmed that the island and regional institutions are working to coordinate and update the protocol that would have to be activated in the event of a volcanic eruption on La Palma.

"The meeting that took place yesterday was to be prepared in all areas, since we have to locate and be clear about the evacuation routes that we need to be able to get the neighbors out. In addition, we must know the means we have. There is no operation underway, but we must have the main issues at hand with regard to equipment, generators, and machinery. The current situation requires it and, although it is unlikely, we must have everything ready" he explained.

In this same sense, he has pointed out that the population of the municipality is highly sensitized, especially in the neighborhoods where most of the tremors of the seismic swarm that began last Saturday are being registered.


There has been a sudden deformation of the ground directly above the earthquake activity, showing a 6 cm movement of the unstable land mass on the southwestern flank of the island of La Palma.  This unstable area is now showing in all red on the map below.  THIS is precisely the section of land at risk of sliding off into the ocean and causing a Tsunami that wipes out the US east coast.

The surface of the island of La Palma has now risen and been deformed by 6 centimeters in the area where the strongest seismic movements are located, around the Cumbre Vieja, and this afternoon some low-magnitude earthquakes have been registered at a ‘shallow depth’ which is between one and three kilometers under the ground.
Let us pray that the earthquakes or an eruption don't cause the side of the island to collapse into the Atlantic. It could generate a megatsunami that would devastate the entire East Coast.
That's getting very sketchy. Hopefully it will calm down here soon. It could erupt though and hopefully things will stay in tact if it does. Prayers indeed.
(09-15-2021, 06:53 PM)SeeTheLight Wrote: [ -> ]That's getting very sketchy. Hopefully it will calm down here soon. It could erupt though and hopefully things will stay in tact if it does. Prayers indeed.

Yes....let us pray!
Why are governments ignoring this situation? USGS is still not reporting anything. Radio show tonight said the Spanish government wanted to start evacuations, but was refused help from the European Union. Could it be the same mindset that our own government will not give the country an alert if a nuclear war were to start? So things are getting so bad on the island that Spain is beginning evacuations of La Palma. This could get really bad quick and after the event, the waves hit the entire western reaches of the Atlantic in about 5 hours.

May God have mercy!!
An update from late Thursday.

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