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Full Version: For My Nephew's New Born
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Please Pray! Here's what his Dad posted on FB.

Lorenzo update:

Today was a pretty rough day for Lorenzo. At his morning appointment at the suctioning clinic, he was really struggling to keep his O2 levels up. His chest was also retracting pretty bad and his breathing was very labored. They decided to admit him to the PICU. He’s been hooked to a heated, high pressure oxygen flow all day. They had to keep upping the amount of oxygen and the flow because his tiny lungs are just struggling to keep up. Now they have him on a CPAP type machine that will help get rid of the CO2, hopefully letting his lungs work less.  Hopefully this helps, but regardless, it looks like we’ll be in here for a little while. Thankfully, since Lindsay is a nursing mother, Felix has gotten to stay in the room with us. Thank you all for the kind words. Keep them coming.
Sounds like he's in good hands. He's in my prayers.
It's not looking all that good. He's being airlifted from Wichita, KS to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. Children's Mercy is a research hospital dedicated to paediatrics, so if anyone can help, they should be able to. Please redouble your prayers!
Lord, have mercy on Lorenzo and his family--all of them!
Praying Jovan!
Poor little thing. I shall include him in my Rosary today.
Sub tuum praesidium . . .
Praying for baby Lorenzo's health and healing.
Adding Lorenzo to my rosary intentions today...
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