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Full Version: Children and suicide
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I just learned that a relative by alliance shot himself yesterday morning. He is the grandfather of my children's cousins. I have never met him, neither have my children.

Now I wonder whether it is best to tell our children (both less than 5 years old) that he killed himself or not. My instinct is not to tell them, but I'm frequently wrong. They know he died but not how.

As FultonFan would say, "Discuss."
Perhaps you don’t have to tell them the circumstances of his death, but at least tell your children that one of their relatives has died and that you need to pray for him.

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I would not tell them he shot himself.  Not sure what I would tell them, but not that--not at that age, anyway.  Do they even need to know how he died?  I'm pretty sure they don't even understand what death is.
Yeah, just say they passed. If they question it, I’d find some way of telling them they passed suddenly (so, you’re not lying), but leave out the suicide. Sorry to hear this.
(12-01-2021, 11:22 AM)J Michael Wrote: [ -> ]I'm pretty sure they don't even understand what death is.
My daughter certainly does.
Children are very smart. We frequently underestimate their intelligence. That being said, they are immature and innocent, and we should be very careful about how they become exposed to evil and tragedy. If you mention it at all, I agree with what others have said--only mention that he died suddenly but do not go into how. Later when they are older and if the subject were to arise, you can explain the full story as far as you know it.
Thank you all for your replies.