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Full Version: Annybody ever tried 'arm' knitting
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I'm very late to the party with this (I don't 'do' Pinterest or Instagram) but a few years ago a technique for knitting items using the arms instead of needles (with thick wool or other fibre) was something of a fad.  I saw a few videos on YouTube and thought it might be fun - though I'd probably use chenille or something else other than wool as people were demonstrating knitting with wool and I thought well wouldn't you have to felt it first first or it would felt up the first time you washed the finished item.  I've done a little knitting this year after not doing any for some time - small items such as dishcloths (not from wool obviously).  I just wondered if anyone had tried it and what their experience of the technique was.
I think my daughter and her friends got into it for a short while. Now there's a bag of unfinished blanket sitting in a bag in the basement. Mom has a finished, big bulky, I think arm knitted blanket that came from my bro's friend's daughter. It's on her bed right now. Very warm.
Thanks for the reply, J, though I see in my first post I SHOULD have mentioned that some of the videos were recommending using wool roving which of course isn't felted - without that my first post may not entirely have made sense.