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Full Version: Chaldean Martyr's Hymn
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This is a Chaldean hymn to the Mother of God. The man singing was a Chaldean priest named Fr. Ragheed Ganni from Mosul, Iraq. In 2007, during the war, Islamic extremists demanded that he close down Holy Spirit Catholic Church, the Chaldean parish of Mosul. He did not. On Trinity Sunday in 2007 after Holy Qurbana, he and three subdeacons were walking out of the church when they were stopped by armed Islamic extremists. They shouted at Fr. Ragheed asking why he did not close down the church and he replied "How can I close the house of God?" The extremists then demanded that the four men convert to Islam, and when they refused they were shot down and killed. 

It's a beautiful hymn.
This hymn is a most glorious praise of Our Most Blessed and Glorious Lady. Thank you for this hymn. These martyrs are true witnesses of Christ and powerful intercessors in Heaven. They inspire us and remind us of the glory of the faith. They are also a testament to the grace of God and His promise that the Holy Ghost will sustain us in moments of trial.