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Full Version: I'm a House Manager!
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House wife? House Frau? Homemaker? Yep, it's all the same thing. Are you a house manager? I'm a house manager! Next time someone asks me "What do you do?" I'm gonna say I'm a house manager. Are you a house manager? House managers, unite!

Job description

Quote:Essentially, house managers keep things running smoothly in the employer's home. Common house manager duties include grocery shopping, laundry, running errands, cleaning, making appointments, coordinating travel, handling household billing, maintaining cars, buying gifts on their employers' behalf, and more.

Quote:What are the duties and responsibilities of a house manager?
  • supervising and training household staff.

  • overseeing the work of contractors.

  • overseeing procurement of household goods.

  • looking after guests.

  • organising dinner parties and events.

  • being hands-on with all administrative duties, including: paying bills. budgeting. [Well, actually the man does this in our home.]

Quote:What makes a good house manager?
A good house manager must demonstrate strength of character and high levels of responsibility. She'll be in a role where many people depend on her for guidance regarding house rules and regulations.

Quote:What is the difference between a butler and a house manager?
House managers often come from a commercial or hotel management background. [no, art background here] Whereas butlers are more traditional figures, considered to be more knowledgeable in etiquette and protocol. In either role, where the individual is experienced they should exhibit highly professional standards.

Quote:What skills do house managers need?

The eight most common skills based on Household Manager resumes in 2022.
  • Child Care, 16.8%

  • Scheduling Appointments, 6.1%

  • Nutritious Meals, 5.9%

  • Meal Prep, 5.9%

  • Safe Environment, 5.1%

  • Daily Activities, 5.0%

  • Special Events, 3.9% [parties]

  • Other Skills, 51.3% [Might I add pet care and disabled persons care]

Quote:Do house managers clean?
Household Managers will typically not clean, with exception of the light vacuum, kitchen wipe over and dusting. [in this house, she cleans.]

Quote:What's another name for house manager?
What is another word for house manager?
[b]cleaning manager[/b]
domestic manager
housekeeping manager
[mom, mama, dear or honey]

Donna Reed, house manager of yesteryear. 

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

This one's more like a butler.

[Image: household-managers-butlers.jpg]

Is this how people see it? Oy ve. 

[Image: 23840050-0-image-a-3_1579903318072.jpg]
Mrs. Rover's house manager duties also include a fair amount of information transfer and analysis.

[Image: 6gvwgi.jpg]

Here she is on her phone... on her iPad... AND on MY iPad. LOL
No wonder I'm tired at the end of my day.... Household manager, teacher, realtor.... I wear too many hats!
(05-20-2022, 10:44 AM)Fontevrault Wrote: [ -> ]No wonder I'm tired at the end of my day.... Household manager, teacher, realtor.... I wear too many hats!

Gon on, take a nap. You've earned it! forgot your role as manager of your veil business. Talk about a busy lady. I think women generally do well as moms and home managers is due to their ability to pull off well, multitasking. That, as a (male) nurse, I had to learn.
That's my little side hustle. I enjoy it.
Don't forget that, for many, "K-12 educator" could be added to the list. And those homeschool teachers tend to do a much better job than the professional educators do.
Dog groomer and hooman hairdresser/barber here, too! I've also morphed into a nail technician.