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Introduction - dailyrosary - 02-18-2007

Ugh.  I have a young friend, 15 years old in high school in New Hampshire.  What he told me about his sex ed class was enough to make me almost drive off the road.  It was downright pornographic.  It's so nice to know that my extorted tax dollars are paying for this poison.

Introduction - Historian - 02-18-2007

<font size="3"><font face="Times New Roman">Welcome, dailyrosary! [Image: hellosmiley.gif]

Indeed, I even remember my class being told about <i>coitus interruptus</i> when I was 12 or 13 by a woman from family planning … or anti-family planning, more like. I am not even sure that parents are properly informed of what their children are being told in class.


Introduction - Extraecclesiamnullasalus - 02-18-2007

it's not as bad in the US. But i hate it when planned parenthood visits my school

Introduction - Historian - 02-18-2007

Extraecclesiamnullasalus Wrote:it's not as bad in the US. But i hate it when planned parenthood visits my school

...and surely things are not that bad in Australia :shrug:

...and do you have to stay there when they are there ? who says?
The buck stops with the parents. THEY SHOULD NOT ALLOW PLANNED PARENTHOOD INTO THE SCHOOL. They're only exploiting children. Children have a right not to be exploited.
No one gives a rats about these children. You have to fight, fight, fight until you drop.
Don't tolerate it, don't become conditioned to this, by the sounds of all these posts it has been going on too long.

Introduction - Extraecclesiamnullasalus - 02-18-2007

private school so they can do what they want, and the parents support them

Introduction - Liza_Do_A_Lot - 02-19-2007

<font style="color: rgb(0, 153, 0);" face="Arial" size="3">I agree with you totally Mother Duck.........opps Marylou!

I thank God that our children attend the SSPX Traditional School in Tynong..VIC.

We dont have TV either, (well the antena connected). There IS TOO much filth on the box today.....even for adults eyes.</font>

Introduction - Daniel - 02-19-2007

What! No cricket? Bloody hell!

Introduction - Historian - 02-19-2007

No cricket - that Shane Warne is a disgrace to your race so he's not getting into my home either.

Introduction - Daniel - 02-19-2007

Me Queenslander. He's a disgrace to your race, not mine.

Introduction - Historian - 02-19-2007

You a stinkin' bloke. doesn't matter where you live.