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An Intro to Myself - Robb - 02-14-2007

I just joined the Fish Eaters discussion forum and thought that I'd take some time to introduce myself.  I was born and raised in Burlington NJ as an Italian American Catholic.  Since I was born after the Vatican Council, I wasn't brought up with too much more then the bare basics of our faith.  It was thanks to my very devout grandmother that I was able to learn a lot about our Catholic traditions and become interested in the TLM.  The parish that I grew up in was also, thank God, not that liberal (until recently) so my Faith (as well as that of my family) was kept intact.
For the past several years, I have been transplanted to Leavenworth KS, the very heart of the Midwest.  Unfortunately most of the parishes here are on the liberal side (both liturgically and theologically).  I cannot get to the Latin mass and sadly have to bear out these tough conditions while still holding onto my faith.
Hopefully, if all goes as the Pope is rumored to plan, I may get access to the Traditional mass and sacraments soon. 
I look forward to talking with all of you and getting involved in some great discussions.

An Intro to Myself - Historian - 02-14-2007

Welcome, Robb!

An Intro to Myself - Historian - 02-14-2007

Hi Robb and Welcome! [Image: hellosmiley.gif]

An Intro to Myself - Historian - 02-15-2007

<font size="3"><font face="Times New Roman">Welcome! [Image: hellosmiley.gif]</font></font>

An Intro to Myself - Historian - 02-16-2007

Greetings in Christ and Mary.

An Intro to Myself - Bill - 02-16-2007

Welcome, Robb. Since others wave at you, thought I'd be a rebel, and :thumb: instad.

An Intro to Myself - PsychoMonkey - 02-17-2007

<font size="2">Please to meet you.</font>