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Hello & help - olingermo - 03-19-2007

I found this site while searching the web for a citation for the letter of St. Athanasius to his flock in which he states, "<FONT face=Arial>For they hold the places [churches], but you the Apostolic Faith."</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial>I've found this quoted a hundred times by various authors, but no one gives a citation. I would like to use the quote also, but not until I determine the authenticity of the letter.</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial>Can anyone provide the cite, especially the date it was written and the scholarly works it appears in?</FONT>
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<FONT face=Arial>Thanx.</FONT>
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Hello & help - aquinas138 - 03-19-2007

It appears in a fragmentary letter (appended to Letter 29). Here's the text: