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Howdy do? - cathalex - 04-08-2007

<FONT size=1><FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2>Greetings and blessings to all. Yesterday was my fifth anniversary of becoming a Roman Catholic, sixth year of going to Mass. Before I went through the RCIA program I perused everything online. I wish fisheaters was around back then, then I could have really drove my RCIA instructors crazy.

I'm technically a convert, but most cradle Catholics see me as a revert, returning my family to the Catholic faith they haven't lived for three generations. I've been spending most of my time explaining things to my Baptist parents and relatives.

I'm a Native Texan, from paternal ancestry of Spanish settlement of Louisiana in the early 1700s, maternal ancestry from North Carolina before the Revolutionary war, eventually those moving to Alabama. I'm mostly American Indian, some French, a LOT of Irish and English. I have ancestral ties to the Sons of The American Revolution, Sons of the Republic of Texas, and Sons of Confederate Veterans.

I am quite fluent in Southernese, Cajun French and British English. I am somewhat proficient but can mangle Latin something terrible with my Southern drawl. ;)

I attend a very traditional NO parish in the Diocese of Beaumont, simply because I cannot make a weekly trip to Houston to attend a Latin Mass.

Anyway, I probably wrote too much, but hello y'all, and I've enjoyed lurking so far. Now it's time for me to get involved :)

Howdy do? - TradCathYouth - 04-09-2007

Welcome to FE!

Howdy do? - Historian - 04-09-2007

Great username!!
Welcome to eaters :tiphat:

Howdy do? - cathalex - 04-09-2007

thanks. :)  my username is a contraction of my saint's name, St. Catherine of Alexandria. I've been using it online since 2002, in place of my former handle.

Howdy do? - AdoramusTeChriste - 04-09-2007

Welcome!  [Image: rose.gif]

Howdy do? - PsychoMonkey - 04-10-2007

Nice to know you. Which NO parish did you go to in Beaumont? I lived there for about 2 years and attended about 2 different NO churches while I was there.