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Spider Bite - KatieRD - 04-27-2007

Thank goodness I wasn't eating whilst looking at that.

I hate spiders!!!!!!!!!!

Spider Bite - VoxClamantis - 04-27-2007

Ger Wrote:Vox I think you might've forgotten all about Part 4 of this saga - I hope you don't mind me bringing it up to date.

Ack! Thanks, Ger! I did totally forget! I've added nassssssty Part 4 to the top of the page :)

Spider Bite - miss_fluffy - 04-27-2007

My jaw hurts... *picks up jaw from desk*

Spider Bite - VoxClamantis - 05-06-2007

I just added Part V (sorry for being late!)! One more to go -- whew!

Spider Bite - VoxClamantis - 05-22-2007

Part VI has been added -- the healing part. Not much to see there gruesomeness-wise, but it is good to know the poor man's hand healed up.
And this concludes the spider bite series. Hope you all enjoyed it LOL

Spider Bite - Mommie2Boys - 05-22-2007

<FONT color=#663399>That was so incredibly disgusting...but like a train wreck, I just couldn't look away! :p Fascinating...</FONT>