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Mutant Egg - Historian - 06-01-2007

My dad and I once had a triple yoke egg before. It looks weird but it's really not when you think of human twins, triplets, etc.

Mutant Egg - KatieRD - 06-01-2007

Oooh that gives me the heebies!!!!  I love eggs but if I was pregnant (I had morning sickness throughout both of my pregnancies), I know what I would be doing!!!!!!!!!!!

 [Image: 36_19_7.gif] 

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Mutant Egg - TradCathYouth - 06-01-2007

PinoyMonk Wrote:Forget boiled eggs. Let's just have balut. =P

Balut? EVEN BETTER!!! Wait till you see me decapitate the little chick inside, point out each body part, and then eat it!