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Interview tomorrow - actiofidei - 07-30-2007

I have an interview tomorrow in the engineering department of a local industry. This is the first bite in three months, so any prayers would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Interview tomorrow - kzarah - 07-30-2007

I know where you are coming from.  You got my prayers.  What time is your interview?  If I know I can pray for you wile you interview.

Interview tomorrow - actiofidei - 07-30-2007

It is at 10:00 EST. The empathy is much appreciated as well :smile:.

Interview tomorrow - Historian - 07-30-2007

[Image: prayer.gif] For both you and Daniel.

Interview tomorrow - kzarah - 07-30-2007

10:00am  EST is 7:00 am here in California.  I'll follow a pray to St. Joseph and  St. Jude with 3 Hail Mary's and a Glory be. . .

Interview tomorrow - kzarah - 07-31-2007

<A title="View profile" href="" target=_blank>actiofidei</A>
    Your interview is in five minutes.  I am here praying for you.

Interview tomorrow - kzarah - 08-01-2007

<A title="View profile" href="" target=_blank>actiofidei</A>
     I am in the same boad.  Now I have an interview on Thursday at 10:45.  How did our interview go?

Interview tomorrow - actiofidei - 08-01-2007

Of course I will be praying for you!

My interview went well. It lasted 2 hours, was very positive, and was followed up by lunch with the president and vice-president/CFO of the company, together with a couple of guys from engineering. Hopefully I will hear good news from them soon!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, and be assured of mine.

Interview tomorrow - actiofidei - 08-07-2007

I got the job!

Daniel, you remain in my prayers. Thank you and everyone who prayed for me.

Interview tomorrow - AdoramusTeChriste - 08-07-2007

Congratulations and thanks be to God!