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For my sister..... - daisy - 08-04-2007

Prayers would be greatly appreciated for my sister Martha (17). We were playing sardines and she tripped between two logs and her ankle is 3x the size it is meant to we think she may have broken it! [Image: icon_cry.gif]

Lets hope their is nothing serious.....(she has just left for the hospital)

For my sister..... - Deidre - 08-04-2007

[Image: prayer3.gif]

For my sister..... - Historian - 08-04-2007

[Image: prayer.gif]

For my sister..... - daisy - 08-04-2007

Thankfully it was an extremely bad sprain! (The doc said he had never seen anything like it and it should be broken...)
Thanks for the prayers!

For my sister..... - miss_fluffy - 08-04-2007

[Image: prayer3.gif]  Your poor sis!  I sprained my ankle (not too badly) and I remember it as the worst pain of my life!!

For my sister..... - Philomena - 08-14-2007

Prayers for a fast and full recovery [Image: prayer3.gif]