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Indian Runner Ducks - AdoramusTeChriste - 01-29-2008

I need to get some.

My 9 yo son was recently diagnosed with food allergies and the top 3 are wheat, milk, and eggs. The allergist's lists stated that duck eggs are an excellent substitute for chicken eggs for people with allergies. Serendipitously enough, I was at a lecture with someone who knew that Indian Runner Ducks are prolific egg layers and terrible parents. They lay and leave and are easy to maintain. Plus they are 100% adorable!!! They stand up straight like penguins! *gasp*

[Image: indian_runners.jpg]

So, does anyone know a good source for buying a dozen Indian Runner ducklings? I know I can google, but I trust the good folks on FE more than a search engine. ;)

Indian Runner Ducks - Historian - 01-29-2008

haha, I think Google will be your best bet.

Indian Runner Ducks - Historian - 01-29-2008

Oh my gorsh! those are the cutest duckies EVAR!

Indian Runner Ducks - AdoramusTeChriste - 01-29-2008

Spooky7272 Wrote:Oh my gorsh! those are the cutest duckies EVAR!

I know! There is a farm supply store near here and I am going AFK to see what I can find out.

I am thinking play pen and kiddie pool! Our backyard is fenced in and the duckies love bugs. If I pen them at night they can lay eggs then go out and play in the yard all day.

Long live happy ducks!

Indian Runner Ducks - ResiduumRevertetur - 01-29-2008

The farm supply store is my only suggestion. Even if they don't have them, they can probably get some in. I had an Indian runner as a child. Dog got it. I've never been the same since.[Image: bawl.gif]

Best of luck and I hope the kiddies (and you) have fun with them.

Indian Runner Ducks - Gabriel - 01-31-2008

Kathy, did the doc say anything about goat's milk?

Indian Runner Ducks - AdoramusTeChriste - 01-31-2008

Gabriel Wrote:Kathy, did the doc say anything about goat's milk?

Yes. Drew can have goat's milk and goat cheese. He likes chevre.

Don't tempt me about getting a goat. They are my favorite animals, after Chopper. When we go to the county fair I have to pet all of them. I always get attached to at least one, and they always try to eat my purse. Adorable!

I have made a little headway with duck information. I called the County Extension office and the Indian Runners would do fine in my area. BUT! I live (barely) in the city limits and there is a prohibition against "farm animals." However, exemptions can be made so if the city planner says no, I will have to go to a city hall meeting and request a variance...even though I live across the street from a full-blown working farm. LOL. Plus, area pet stores sell ducks every year as PETS!

We'll see. Is there a patron saint for ducks?

Indian Runner Ducks - Historian - 01-31-2008

AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:We'll see. Is there a patron saint for ducks?

I think you have your choice of Donald or Daffy - depending on the temperament desired.