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spiritual medicine - fantasy_forever - 04-18-2008

 which Christian group rejects medicine for spiritual medicine? (with prayer)

spiritual medicine - jovan66102 - 04-18-2008

None that I know of. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, does, but as a former pastor pointed out, they are neither Christian nor scientific.

There may, however, be small fundie groups that do.

spiritual medicine - fantasy_forever - 05-08-2008

I think this is called faith-based healing...

spiritual medicine - Historian - 05-08-2008

I consider "faith-based healing" to be very close to tempting God and seems very "puritanical" in the sense of "all matter is evil, thus avoid". A product of the anti-reason spirit of Protestantism.

spiritual medicine - fantasy_forever - 05-10-2008

I was pretty sure  it was a protestant doctrine...