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Cooking for kids with allergies - Historian - 06-02-2008

It's a very old wheat variety, pre dates even the Romans who cultivated it. It contains protein fat and fibre, more nutritious than refined modern flours, easy to digest. It makes fab bread and cakes, especially good in fruit cakes, yummmm. Highly recommended also by Hildegard of Bingen!

Cooking for kids with allergies - LatinPassion - 06-10-2008

AdoremusTeChriste you may want to try the following website:

It has various recipes contributed by members with ratings by those who have used the recipes in question.

I believe that if you search for "allergies" or something along those lines you are bound to find recipes that will suit your needs.

Cooking for kids with allergies - leome - 06-14-2008

I have been following this blog... she is gluten-free and only cooks with her crockpot.

I don't know if someone can use it but I think it is awesome!