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RE: Private Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) FACT OR FRAUD? - Memyselfandi - 01-15-2021

(07-29-2008, 12:41 AM)IacobusIsTrodden Wrote: <font size="2"><font face="Arial">No matter how late the hour seems to be, I also have to know if her visions were approved by the Church.  Aside from the local bishop.

Is there any other vision or prophecy that says the faith will be gone for a time, and all of the sacraments and the faith made unavailable? 

I feel that is very, very important to ask before giving this much thought - before even giving it credence.  If it is false, and the enemy has people expecting something like this, what a nasty trap to cause despair.

Think about it.  I'm not an authority on any of this by any means, but if Sodom could have been saved if there had been ten truly good men in the city, it doesn't make sense to me that God would let the faithful be more or less given up to damnation by loss of the sacraments - when His faithful are needed most.

If anyone thinks it is true, this would be a great time to pray for mercy and wisdom.

Edit:  And, I have to add that the devil might say many things that are to us sensible and sound to act as a vehicle for one corrupting statement, one thing that draws a mind over to his trick.  If there have been false apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. . .

I really want to know if this is approved.

I too would like to see an official approval as well, and happen to agree with the superstitious tones throughout.  Superstition is a sin against the 1st Commandment. We cannot commit a sin even if it were to save the whole world.