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Favorite Ice Cream - Historian - 09-22-2008

I love Haagen Daaz's Banana Split flavor. There a company in Brooklyn called La Salle that sells pints for $2 in the lower income areas of New York. They make a Cherry Vanilla that's the best I've ever had. I've heard great things about Graeter's. I think I'm going to order some.

Favorite Ice Cream - Tiny - 09-22-2008

I like all Ice Cream.

Favorite Ice Cream - Historian - 09-22-2008

You've never had Dolly Madison, I take it?

Favorite Ice Cream - TheTalentedMisterR - 09-22-2008

Ice cream is full of sugar.  It's evil.

Favorite Ice Cream - Historian - 09-22-2008

You know you want some Mr. R., don't deny it!

[Image: ice-cream.jpg]

Favorite Ice Cream - SoonerCatholic - 09-22-2008

Does gelato count?

Otherwise, mint chocolate chip, moose tracks, and death by chocolate are all family favorites.....yum

Ice cream is more proof God loves us........:D

Favorite Ice Cream - Historian - 09-22-2008

Nah, gelato isn't creamy. Gelato's more like water ice. Although frozen yogurt would count.

This stuff? Turkey Hill pumps too much air in their ice cream.

[Image: comm_pt_moose-tracks_l.jpg]

Favorite Ice Cream - SoonerCatholic - 09-22-2008

No, our moose tracks is a different brand, we buy it from the grocery store, Hiland, or something like that.  Never heard of Turkey Hill.....

Gelato is still good.....

Favorite Ice Cream - Satori - 09-22-2008

Ben and Jerry's pistachio.

Favorite Ice Cream - leome - 09-22-2008


I love that too but I pick all the nuts out and eat them. :( everyone gets mad at me.

I LOVE Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate Ice Cream with carmel sauce and I sprinkle salt on it. YUMM-O

I love salt so I think every thing tastes better with it....