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Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - columba - 02-04-2009

<font size="4">More proof that the Vatican has lost all independence.
Quote:Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier<a target="_blank" href=",w-vatican-pope-benedict-holocaust020409.article">,w-vatican-pope-benedict-holocaust020409.article</a>

February 4, 2009

VATICAN CITY — <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">The Vatican on Wednesday demanded that a prelate who denied the Holocaust <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);">recant his positions before being fully admitted as a bishop into the Roman Catholic Church.</span> </span><p style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">It also said Pope Benedict XVI had not known about Bishop Richard Williamson’s views when he agreed to lift his excommunication and that of three other ultraconservative bishops Jan. 21.
Demanded +Williamson recant his opinion about a secular matter.

Quote:The Vatican’s Secretariat of State issued the statement a day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the pope to make a clearer rejection of Holocaust denials, saying there had not been adequate clarification from the church.
Abject capitulation to Chancellor Angela Merkel...

Quote:Though the Vatican said it did not share Williamson’s views, Jewish groups voiced outrage at his rehabilitation and demanded the prelate recant.
... who acted upon orders from the Jewish groups.

Quote:[...]Jewish groups welcomed the Vatican statement, saying it satisfied their key demand.
“This was the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for,” said Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress.
Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, thanked Merkel for her “righteous comments”[...]
180 reversal has mollified some Jewish groups for the time being.

Quote:<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);">Wednesday’s statement was a remarkable turnabout by the Vatican, which had considered the Williamson case “closed” after Benedict issued a lengthy denunciation </span>of Holocaust deniers last week and the society itself distanced itself from Williamson’s views.[...]
<p style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> The Vatican’s secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, cited those comments Tuesday in telling the newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference Avvenire that, as far as he was concerned, “the question can be considered closed.”

<p style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Vatican reneged on "closed" issue with the SSPX by seeking to graft Jewish "revealed" Holocaust dogma into the Catholic Magisterium. No wonder Jewish groups were pleased.

Quote:Yet the pressure continued, including from Roman Catholic leaders in Benedict’s native Germany and Merkel’s comments Tuesday.
It was not immediately clear if the Vatican’s newest statement Wednesday satisfied Merkel. “The chancellor has spoken and has nothing to add to her comments from yesterday,” her spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm told reporters in Berlin.[...]
The sharks have smelled blood and continue to circle.

Edit: It is not certain that the Vatican lied about not knowing +Williamson's opinion prior to remitting excommunications because we don't know when the Pope made his decision.

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - StevusMagnus - 02-04-2009

The concession they got simply reinforced to them that their tactics work. Yell and complain loud enough and get enough public figures on your side making demands and the Vatican will cave every time.

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - Orville_B_Croft - 02-05-2009

Cardinal Bertone is behind all of this, I'll bet my bottom dollar. The Secretary of State (unfortunately now) runs the Vatican's day to day affairs with such things and when this blew up he was out of town and left B16 in the middle of it all.
Only now, a good 10 or so days later we hear from that office Here

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - winoblue1 - 02-05-2009

My take on this whole operation is that the Holy Father has little support from the top cardinals in the curia. For this reason he has to do things on his own prerogative, like the Motu Proprio and now the lifting of the excommunications.

My guess is that Cardinal Bertone doesn't agree with the Holy Father's lifting the excommunications, so he made himself conveniently absent from Rome when it was announced. Thus the mismanagement of the release and the media uproar.

The current suggestion is that someone high-up in the Vatican leaked the release date to the Swedish media.... This further shows that not only does the Holy Father not have the support of his day-to-day administrators, but that some are even willing to covertly try and thwart him.

This further leads me to think that perhaps the Holy Father's plan all along was to regularize the SSPX and then use them as the new Jesuits, to restore the Church by placing them in key positions around the world.

This whole Jewish fiasco however, now severely limits this, as the SSPX priests and bishops will not be accepted anywhere now, unless this can be smoothed over quickly,,, but even so, look at the reaction to a mild conservative being installed in Austria this week. The media jumped all over it.

The reception of a SSPX bishop anywhere in the Church might only be possible now in the Vatican administration or some universities, but even then this might cause too much controversy.

My hope and prayer is, that knowing he will be going to his eternal reward soon, Pope Benedict regularizes the SSPX with the Church, names a large number of them Cardinals, and then plants some in key positions world-wide, all swiftly before he dies, and tells the world to shove-it!

We can't let the devil have the final say in this matter. Through the support of the powers of this world, he has shown he is very ingenious, but Our Lady must have the victory here..... Please let's keep praying our rosary.

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - StevusMagnus - 02-05-2009

winoblue1 Wrote:My hope and prayer is, that knowing he will be going to his eternal reward soon, Pope Benedict regularizes the SSPX with the Church, names a large number of them Cardinals, and then plants some in key positions world-wide, all swiftly before he dies, and tells the world to shove-it!

[Image: laff.gif]

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - Historian - 02-05-2009

In my opinion, there are three ways to look at the present situation and to assess the actions of the Supreme Pontiff:

1. The Pope has recanted his modernism and is slowly but genuinely attempting to restore the Church against the corporate resistance of disobedient cardinals and wayward bishops.

2. The Pope is merely more conservative than his predecessor but is still genuinely trying to figure out a solution to the traditionalists within a Vatican II model of "reconciled diversity".

3. The Pope is a rabid modernist, extremely cunning and is trying to sabotage the SSPX and the whole catholic resistance by absorbing them into the ecumenic fold.

I'm inclined to the second view, although I can't honestly disregard the other two.

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - Benno - 02-05-2009

Division and intrigue in the Vatican? Damn these modern times! [Image: smile.gif]

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - ggreg - 02-05-2009

It's number 2.  Besides he has said as much and acted in precisely this way.  In the absence of any evidence to the contrary why not take him at his word?

That is why he is going to be slaughtered along with the rest of the faithless hierarchy by a mob who sack Rome, according to multiple prophecies and the Third Secret Vision.

God likes blood sacrifice.

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - kjvail - 02-05-2009

You know I am not inclined to entertain "the jews are responsible" type theories, but cases like this make one wonder...

Vatican does 180 on Holocaust denier - Corvino - 02-05-2009

ggreg Wrote:God likes blood sacrifice.

Right. He likes it so much, He instituted a bloodless sacrifice as the representation of heaven on Earth.