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Men's Dress Worn By Women - Schatz - 02-06-2009

Quote:The nature of pants itself is one of the male sex.

How so? Can you explain why the trousers I'm wearing right now, which were designed and sewn to fit women's bodies, are "of the male sex"?

Men's Dress Worn By Women - WhollyRoaminCatholic - 02-06-2009

[Image: blah.gif]

I smell a locked thread.

Men's Dress Worn By Women - Anastasia - 02-06-2009

Yes, we've all said our piece on the whole pants for women thing, it's time to move on to the things that actually matter.
I really didn't want to post, but I can't resist: if pants have a nature that is always specifically for men's use, would that make it OK for my husband to start wearing my curvy black dress pants?

Men's Dress Worn By Women - Spooky - 02-06-2009

Quote:What is the point of it?

Well, gosh, Quis. I know that if I'm not reminded on a weekly basis the importance of wearing modest clothing, why, I'm likely to walk out of the house in any old thing! You know us Traditional Catholic Women need <i>constant</i> reminders to stay modest!

Men's Dress Worn By Women - moneil - 02-06-2009

I wonder how this fits into some people's (not necessarily the Church's) view that there are divinely ordained, specific and distinct clothing styles for men and women.

[Image: HolyFamily-1.jpg]

[Image: twohearts4.jpg]

Men's Dress Worn By Women - The_Harlequin_King - 02-06-2009

The face of Jesus is <i>exactly </i>the same as the face of Mary in that second image, except with a beard.....

Men's Dress Worn By Women - moneil - 02-06-2009

The_Harlequin_King Wrote:The face of Jesus is <I>exactly </I>the same as the face of Mary in that second image, except with a beard.....

Interestingly true (I'm guessing maybe the artist perhaps used the same model - there wasn't a citation with the image so I don't know who created it).  I hadn't noticed that aspect, but did observe that they looked more like siblings than Mother and Son.  The reason I selected the image is because they are wearing the same identical outfit.

There are several images of the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts here, and in most of them it appears that Our Lord and Our Lady used the same designer.

It would also be interesting to take the picture of the Child Jesus in the first image of the Holy Family, and post it to the Man or woman? You decide! thread, to see what people think.


Men's Dress Worn By Women - StevusMagnus - 02-06-2009

There are new members and those who have not heard of or read Cardinal Siri's letter. Since this debate won't go away I thought it opprtune to provide the Cardinal's views for those who did not have the chance to read them previously.

I suppose there was some other thread discussing cultural differences, but I don't think the OP there was focusing in particular about Cardinal Siri's claims as it was about cultural issues.

Didishroom hijacked Gerard's Williamson thread getting into a trousers argument with bonifacio, so I thought this thread would provide an outlet for them and a good starting point, and get the discussion out of the thread it was hijacking.

Men's Dress Worn By Women - StevusMagnus - 02-06-2009

Here's my two cents. I hope we can all agree that Catholics should wear modest clothing and men should wear masculine clothes and women feminine clothes. Said in reverse, women should not wear masculine clothes and men not wear feminine clothes.

Firstly, all historical references of past centuries and different cultures are irrelevant. Almost all of us live in 2009 Western Culture. We must apply the general principles I spoke of above to 2009 Western Culture.

In applying these principles we can disagree as to where exact lines should be drawn. However, one thing is for certain. Men wearing dress pants in 2009 are modest and masculine. Women wearing long skirts or dresses in 2009 are modest and feminine. If the Society or other Trad Chapels want to make this the norm for Mass, since it is clearly within the principles stated above and there is no gray area, then I think that is a good and laudable stance.

Men's Dress Worn By Women - Historian - 02-06-2009

Where's my toga and powdered wig?