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Bishop Tissier Conference - matthew_talbot - 02-09-2009

My family and I attended a conference that His Excellency Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais gave yesterday evening here in Syracuse New York at BVMMOG Academy (His Grace confirmed about 50 people yesterday at our church, including my niece). In this conference entitled " The Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Archbishop Lefebvre and Our Fight Today," Bishop Tissier spoke at the end of the conference of the recent lifting of the excommunications and how the talks between the SSPX and Rome will proceed.

He emphasized that doctrinal discussions will begin first via written correspondence between the SSPX and Rome. He said that face-to-face meetings probably would not occur to any substantive degree until the written clarifications between the two parties, regarding their positions, had run their course. I asked H.E after the talk why this was so since the SSPX positions were so well known to Rome, vis a vis their previous interactions. He laughed and told me that this is true, but that The Vatican is very systematic, and that this is how things like this always proceed. So expect no face-to-face talks any time soon.