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Bad News from China. A Rift Has Opened in Beijing - StevusMagnus - 02-11-2009

Bad News from China. A Rift Has Opened in Beijing<!-- fine TITOLO <!-- inizio SOMMARIO Between obedience to the pope and to the communist party, some bishops are choosing the latter. The most stunning about-face has taken place in the capital. A secret letter from Cardinal Bertone. The alarm of Cardinal Zen<!-- fine SOMMARIO

<!-- inizio FIRMA <B>by Sandro Magister</B><!-- fine FIRMA

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<!-- inizio TESTO
ROMA, February 11, 2009 – At the Vatican as well, they had deceived themselves that the Beijing Olympics would lead to greater freedom for the Catholic Church. But the news coming to Rome from China shows the contrary.

Meanwhile, once again the Chinese authorities have not permitted bishops to leave the country, to participate in the synod last October.

In the second place, the episcopal see of Beijing – occupied in recent decades strictly by bishops appointed by the government, and without the authorization of the pope, but "reconquered" by Rome two summers ago with the installation of a new bishop approved both by the government and by the Holy See – is in serious danger of being lost again.

In fact, the new bishop, Joseph Li Shan (in the photo) whom cardinal secretary of state Tarcisio Bertone had hailed as "a very good and suitable person," is increasingly stringing together actions submissive toward the regime. To such an extent that many among the faithful already consider him a "traitor."

In the third place, the communist party has intensified its pressure to subjugate the Church and separate a significant part of it from Rome. This pressure is mainly exercised on the bishops installed by the government. Most of these, year after year, had returned to communion with the pope. But now some of them are wavering.

In July of 2007, Benedict XVI had written an open letter to Catholics in China, to help them establish unity between themselves and Rome. But the process of reconciliation and rebuilding of the Chinese Church timidly undertaken after that letter now seems to have come to a halt.

Last April, a second letter went out from the Vatican to China, this time confidential and addressed only to the bishops. But the letter, signed by Cardinal Bertone, seemed to some of the bishops like a step backward in comparison with that of the pope. It was too deferential toward the Chinese authorities.

"Asia News," the online agency with a special focus on China, founded and directed by Fr. Bernardo Cervellera of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, has carried out a survey among the Chinese bishops. The results have been called "disturbing."

To such an extent that Cardinal Zen Zekiun, making use of the greater freedom that he enjoys as a citizen of Hong Kong, has broken the paralysis and raised the alarm. He has urged his brother bishops on the mainland not to give in, and to be more courageous in opposing the pressure from the regime.

Here is a thorough reconstruction and analysis of all of these events, written for "Asia News" by Fr. Cervellera:

Bad News from China. A Rift Has Opened in Beijing - Historian - 02-11-2009

You are too late! There is another thread in this same sub forum entitled "If only we had more bishops lie Car.Zen"

Bad News from China. A Rift Has Opened in Beijing - StevusMagnus - 02-11-2009

I like my title better.