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Arianism - Historian - 02-21-2009

I have an interest in the history of the Arian heresy, can anyone recommend to me any in-depth English language books on the subject (not written by the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury or American protestants that would have anti-Catholic historical revisionism)? Thanks


Arianism - didishroom - 02-21-2009

The Building of Christendom by Warren Carrol deals with it pretty extensively.

Arianism - Historian - 02-21-2009

excellent, thank you much

Arianism - Historian - 02-21-2009

Good God, look what you made me do, I just spent $80 USD[Image: bawl.gif] buying the first four volumes, oh well it will be excellent reading

Arianism - Historian - 02-21-2009

Isidore_of_Kiev Wrote:Good God, look what you made me do, I just spent $80 USD[Image: bawl.gif] buying the first four volumes, oh well it will be excellent reading

I recommend most of Dr. Carrol's works, so it is money well-spent, for sure.

I think some of his claims are questionable (I've heard him deny the Church engaged in witch-hunting at all which I find objectively untrue - the Church was nowhere near the level of the Protestants, but they did engage in hunting witches), but nothing bad per se.

I believe he came to Catholicism through his study of history.

Arianism - stvincentferrer - 02-21-2009

<i>The Building of Christendom</i> made for fascinating reading, a real page-turner. I'll have to check out his other four volumes.

Last I heard from him he was the answer man on EWTN's website, but that was a few years ago. I read somewhere that his wife was the spur in his conversion to the Church back in the 60's.

Arianism - devotedknuckles - 02-21-2009

Yes he is brilliant. don't forget the last crusade small but amazing. He also worked for the cia for like decades analysin red propaganda. all his works are genius.
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Arianism - Nate - 02-22-2009

Warren Carroll's Our Lady of Guadalupe-And the Conquest of Darkness is a great book too! I needed it this week when my 5th grader had to do a report for school, and was essentially told that the laid back Aztecs were just passing the time away until that no good Hernan Cortes showed up and brought that awful European Christendom with him. 

Arianism - Magdalene - 02-22-2009

I read <b>the Cleaving of Christiandom</b> and that is excellent on the rise of protestantism.

And I forget the name and the book is at our old house but the one on the Spanish Civil War is also quite good.

Arianism - mike6240 - 02-23-2009

Here's a link to a site which claims to be a modern day Arian church.  I didn't read all the links because the "theology" is pretty much "way out there".  It may be of interest to you.